Let Migrants Vote

Let Migrants Vote

CJP campaigns to get migrants the right to vote

Help impoverished and marginalised communities tide over the COVID Crisis

Migrant Diaries

CJP's special series on the Covid-19 crisis through the eyes of displaced Indians

Who is an Indian

Who is an Indian?

Can Citizenship be reduced to a few scraps of paper?


CJP in Assam

Our campaign to help Indians defend their citizenship in Assam

Forest Rights

Forest Rights

Help us defend those who defend our forests

Human Rights Defenders

Human Rights Defenders

In solidarity with those who are under attack for defending our rights

Hate Hatao

Hate Hatao

CJP's fight against hate

Hate Hatao

Support CJP's Fellows

CJP's grassroots fellows give us insights into some of India's most marginalised communities

Joyful tears and lingering questions: Four inmates released from Assam Detention Camps 41 detainees have returned home till now upon CJP’s direct intervention

How Sunderban’s Honey Collectors fight all odds to earn their living CJP Grassroots Fellow reports from Sunderbans

पूर्वांचल में कोविड के खिलाफ CJP ने मोर्चा संभाला सीजेपी के वालंटियर्स पूर्वांचल भर में छाए

CJP volunteers travel across Purvanchal reaching out to the most marginalised How CJP is fighting Covid in UP's Purvanchal

CJP & BSM help rural Bengal with Oxygen Cylinders This is what your support can help us achieve

CJP’s relief kits reach families across Purvanchal 'CJP Against COVID' campaign reaches Purvanchal