वर्णभेद और बापू हत्या | Caste Discrimination and Gandhi’s Assassination Celebrate Constitution Day by delving into history with Tushar Gandhi

26, Nov 2023 | CJP Team

Unraveling Gandhi’s Legacy: A Constitution Day Special Interview with Tushar Gandhi, Author and Great Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi! In this insightful conversation with CJP, Tushar Gandhi sheds light on Gandhi’s ideas on the Varna System and Untouchability, exploring the roots of Brahmin displeasure and uncovering the true reasons behind Gandhi’s assassination.



बापू के आख़िरी कुछ साल | तुषार गांधी

Tushar Gandhi sends letter to Navi Mumbai Police against the proposed Hindu Jan Akrosh Morcha, urges preventive action

Vaishnav Jan To | T.M. Krishna | Gujarat Memorial


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