A one-of-its kind, secular learning program for tomorrow’s citizens.

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For 30 years now, we have been reaching out to children, listening to them, learning from them and gently teaching them to QUESTION EVERYTHING. Through innovative classroom exercises and freewheeling conversations, we tell children that the constitutional values of EQUALITY and JUSTICE are not textbook definitions, that have to be learn by heart and parroted in an exam, but essential parts of our EVERYDAY LIVES, and the very foundation of our DEMOCRACY.

We believe that learning can be fun when students are treated as thinking, feeling, active participants, rather than passive recipients, in the learning process. We aim to extend and evolve Khoj’s innovative educational modules that are being received well all over India. For over 20 years now we have been impacting students from varied, under-privileged sections of society in schools run by municipal/zilla parishad bodies as well as privately run schools all over India.


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Creating an Enthusiastic and Modern band of Teachers who are committed to India’s Constitutional Ethos and Fundamental Values through organised teacher-training and community-outreach workshops aimed at replication of the KHOJ model.


Teaching Tolerance’, ‘Breathing Concepts like Equality and Non-discrimination’, ‘Celebrating Diversity’ through lively discussions and debate in a friendly environment where students learn to appreciate and respect different points of view.




Khoj gives an opportunity to the young to understand diversity and various religious and cultural beliefs paving the ground for dialogue between all. The tensions within society can be dissipated by such an educational approach that is vital today.

- Teacher from the Kisan Vidyalaya, Mohida, district Nandurbar

An extremely exciting course content for children. Children are enthused to participate in all activities, their minds are opened to look beyond the narrow confines of the existing syllabus and genuine understanding of diversity and secularism is transmitted. A very good effort for the freedom of mind , soul and choice.

- Teacher from Al Noor GP School, Bhiwandi

Since 2013, this effort in the school through exploration of family and community histories has strengthened the confidence of children, widened their horizons and contributed to the overall growth.

Teacher from Nadkarni Park, Marathi School No 2, Mumbai