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Citizenship Laws in India – FAQs Frequently asked questions on Citizenship laws in India before the recent Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019

Which articles in the Constitution deal with citizenship rights? Articles 5 to 11 deal with provisions relating to citizenship. Articles 5 to 10 deal with citizenship at the time of coming into force of the Constitution (ie until January 1950). Article 11 empowers the Indian Parliament to make Regulate on Citizenship by law. It was…

Assam: Police obstruction fails to hinder CJP paralegal training The camp was organized for training paralegal volunteers from 3 district in Assam

CJP’s campaign in Assam includes helping the excluded persons with understanding Foreigners Tribunals and in the legal process that will prove their citizenship. Another aspect of CJP’s campaign is training para-legals so that they can help the excluded persons in determining valid documents and also provide any kind of legal help that may be needed…

CJP in Action: Towards Strengthening Women Leadership at the Grassroots Constitutional law training provided with the objective of reinforcing women leadership in grassroots activism and advocacy

On the occasion of 66th birth anniversary of the leading women’s activist Bharati Roy Chowdhury, Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) participated in providing constitutional law training in a community meet organised with the objective of reinforcing women leadership in grassroots activism and advocacy. The training was conducted along with the All India Union of…

Free Sokalo and Kismatiya NOW CJP and AIUFWP move Allahabad HC

Sokalo Gond (Treasurer of AIUFWP) and Kismatiya Gond (Secretary, Forest Rights Committee), were arrested from Chopan station, Sonbhadra on June 8. CJP and AIUFWP have moved Allahabad High Court to release illegally detained Adivasis. Watch this video to know more:

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