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Education for All: A Basic Human Rights Need An Exclusive Blog by Special Invitation

In the 21st century post-welfare state, education for all is a lost horizon in India. India has constructed an education system that is among the most exclusionary in the world.  The ruling ideology of neoliberalism has ensured that an unabashed, unapologetic class education has been put in place. There is a perfect fit between the…

Amir Rizvi

Failings of Indian Legal Education System

The first thing you lose in law school is the reason that you came in the first place. The technicalities of substantive law intertwined with procedure in Indian legal education shifts focus to myopic concerns divorced from social realities and lived experiences of the people of India. Legal education in a capitalist set-up churns students…

Another World is Possible

“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house,” Audre Lorde While the Indian government continues its cynical assault on institutes of learning and higher education, the Indian student movement shows us that another world is possible. [TIMELINE-21288] In the past three years and ten months since the Modi government came to power one notices…

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