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CJP KHOJ celebrates teacher’s day Khoj Educational Program

CJP’s Khoj is a secular educational program that teaches constitutional values to children in different schools. This is a Teachers’ Day celebration organised by Khoj in a school in Mumbai. Related: An Introduction to KHOJ KHOJ: Self Portrait and Problem Solving KHOJ: Maps and Personal Histories KHOJ: Rights and Duties

Khoj Discover a New Approach to Education

Khoj: Discover a New Approach to Education A timeline of the Khoj Programme and the False Case against Khoj Founders

This timeline showcases the genesis of the Khoj project and its evolution. Khoj aims to inculcate among young minds a culture of appreciation for diversity and a commitment to secularism and equality. The timeline also shows how Khoj founders have been targeted by a vindictive state using baseless allegations made by a political stooge.  …

KHOJ: Maps and Personal Histories CJP's Educational Program for a Plural India

This is one of KHOJ’s teaching modules. Each child in the class is given one map and the session involves dotting specific locations on the map that are the spots that have impact on the child’s life in and around his/hers home, school family and community life. Find out more in this video.

KHOJ: Self Portrait and Problem Solving CJP's Educational Program for a Plural India

This introductory KHOJ module aims at drawing out the emotional world of a child. Through sketches and words that describe those images and emotions we ask them to draw things they like and dislike. Through which the teacher gleans what situations make the young angry, hurt, lonely, happy or sad. To know more about this…

Khoj Discover a New Approach to Education

An Introduction to KHOJ CJP's Educational Program for a Plural India

KHOJ is an Education for a Plural India movement. It is an innovative educational approach, which has been evolved over 20 years of actual engagement inside classrooms with thousands of school students in the 10-13 year age group (Std. V – Std. VII). KHOJ is based on the premise that the young are as capable of…

Child Rights

Primary education in WB needs reforms: Pratichi Institute Report Amartya Sen-backed institute sheds light on areas of improvement

A recent report from the Pratichi Institute and shiksha alochana outlines the state of primary education in West Bengal, highlighting successes such as the reduced student-teacher ratio, as well as gaps that need to be filled, such as a shortfall in funds. The report, titled ‘Primary Education in West Bengal: The Scope for Change’, emphasises the need…

Not educating girls costs nations trillions: World Bank

A recently released World Bank report said that restricted educational opportunities for girls, and obstacles to finishing 12 years of education cost countries between $15 trillion and $30 trillion in lost lifetime productivity and earnings. According to the report, less than two-thirds of girls in low-income countries finish primary school, and just one in three…

intervene and secure justice for TISS students

CJP Appeals to MHRD to intervene and secure justice for TISS students Sign our petition NOW!

TISS students from the campuses in Mumbai, Tuljapur, Hyderabad and Guwahati have been on strike since February 21, 2018. Their peaceful protest focuses on issues that have a universal and far reaching impact on the education system in India. The main concern behind the protests is against the withdrawal of fee exemption and waivers to…

Two Circles

Is TISS Pushing SC-ST-OBC students away from academia? Cutback of scholarship funds impacts their presence in higher education

The All-India Forum for Right to Education (AIFRTE) extends its full support and solidarity to the legitimate struggle of the students of all four campuses (Mumbai, Gawahati, Tuljapur and Hyderabad) of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). Starting their struggle from 21st February 2018, students have boycotted all classes, field work and submissions at all…

Over $2 billion pledged toward education at global conference in Senegal

The Guardian reported that several heads of state, including six from Africa, gathered last week in Dakar, Senegal for a Global Partnership for Education (GPE) conference that was co-hosted by Senegalese President Mickey Sall and French President Emmanuel Macron. Donors, including the EU, the UK, France, and Norway, pledged $2.3 billion to be put towards education spending…

Amir Rizvi

Failings of Indian Legal Education System

The first thing you lose in law school is the reason that you came in the first place. The technicalities of substantive law intertwined with procedure in Indian legal education shifts focus to myopic concerns divorced from social realities and lived experiences of the people of India. Legal education in a capitalist set-up churns students…

Another World is Possible A Timeline of the government's crackdown on the student movement in India

“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house,” Audre Lorde While the Indian government continues its cynical assault on institutes of learning and higher education, the Indian student movement shows us that another world is possible. [TIMELINE-21288] In the past three years and ten months since the Modi government came to power one notices…

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