Even as you read this, the constitutional rights of Dalits, Adivasis, women, farmers, workers, religious, ethinic and sexual minorities, and children, are under attack.

Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) is a human rights movement dedicated to upholding and defending our fundamental freedoms, in the courts and beyond. We endeavour to protect the rights of voiceless and marginalised people belonging to different socio-cultural minorities including but not limited to ethnic, caste, religious, sexual and gender: Through direct Legal Interventions, powerful Public Campaigns, and effective partnership with Human Rights Defenders. We work to protect.

Rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution are being violated every day. We must fight back. Free speech is an inalienable right of every Indian as is the Right to Protest. The Rights of our Children are not-negotiable. Discrimination and Hate have no place in our world. At the root is the urgent need to democratise and reform our criminal justice system. CJP's work has ensured that Voices of Victims and Survivors of Injustice are heard.

With a presence in all states of India, CJP draws its strength from the commitment of people like you - people who are determined to protect the rights of every individual. Click here to know more about our core campaigns.

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