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Petition against Assam’s Detention Camps in SC

25 inmates dead in Assam’s Detention Camps! Government claims all deaths "due to illness"

In a shocking revelation before the Assam state assembly, the state government has admitted that 25 people have died while incarcerated in the state’s six detention camps. The state claims they all died “due to illness”. We have accessed the list of people who have died and have discovered that Goalpara detention camp has proved…

Petition against Assam’s Detention Camps in SC

What RTI inquiries reveal about Assam’s Detention Camps CHRI files multiple applications to understand complexities, challenges and access information

The Supreme Court-monitored updation of the the National Register of Citizens (NRC)[1] exercise, aimed at identifying illegal immigrants is being carried out in Assam. When the draft NRC was published on July 30, 2018, there was a huge controversy over the exclusion of 40.7 lakh people from it. The draft NRC which was prepared last…

View to address issues faced by women prisoners DNA

Citizens of Justice and Peace (CJP), a human rights platform, held a public meeting ‘Qaid Ke Pare’ on Monday to understand ways of addressing issues faced by women prisoners. The public meeting which took place at the Marathi Patrakar Sangh involved testimonies of a range of women — from those who have served jail term…

Plight of Women in Indian Prisons

Plight of Women in Indian Prisons A compilation of facts and figures by CJP

Various studies done within Indian prisons have concluded that a majority of prisoners are Adivasis, Dalits or from other marginalised communities that are being criminalised. Their social and economic situation makes them vulnerable, being unable to defend themselves legally and financially. This compilation aims to highlight the general issues related to Women Prisoners, the Structural Exclusions within the Prison,…

Jail Horror Stories

Women prisoners recount Jail Horror Stories Rape and torture common in jails

Over the past 15 years, India’s jails have seen a rise in women inmates by 61 per cent, even though they constitute only 48.18% of the national population (according to the World Bank, 2017). Moreover, the Indian prison system has failed to respect their rights. From custodial torture, rape, denial of health services, lack of clean food and…

Petition against Assam’s Detention Camps in SC

Petition against Assam’s Detention Camps in SC Harsh Mander moves apex court to put an end to the inhuman conditions in which 'Declared Foreigners' are lodged

Human Rights activist Harsh Mander has moved Supreme Court siting the deplorable conditions of Assam’s Detention Camps. These camps are where people who have been declared foreigners by Foreigners’ Tribunals are lodged pending deportation or bail. Presently there are six detention camps operating out of makeshift facilities in local prisons in Dhibrugarh, Jorhat, Goalpara, Silchar,…

SC offers Relief to Assam Detention Camp Inmates

Where hope fades and time stands still: Assam’s Detention Camps A Purgatory more horrifying than Hell

Purgatory is a place where souls go to atone for their sins before being admitted into heaven. Assam’s Detention Camps are the dark, dank and dreary modern day purgatory like limbo lands, where those who are Declared Foreigner (DF) by Foreigners’ Tribunals (FT) are condemned to spend their time till they are able to either secure bail…

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