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CJP has pursued the ideals of justice, liberty and equality, enshrined in the Indian Constitution, in our courts, in communities, with the political class and the media. CJP believes in a citizenry that is action oriented and willing to become the agent of change, to breathe life and spirit into the Constitutional dream.


Peace-Loving Indians Intervene in Ayodhya Dispute Help us reach 10 lakh signatures!

CJP and several prominent Indians, from different walks of life, have filed a petition in the Supreme Court to intervene in the Ayodhya dispute case. Our contention is that this case should not be treated like some property dispute. Instead, the Supreme Court should take cognizance of the fact that religion cannot dictate the fate…

Gujarat Riots

Justice for the Incarcerated Tribals of Jharkand PIL against fake FIRs and false cases against Adivasis

The petition filed by Stan Swamy and others, after a detailed fact finding in Jharkand seeks to enforce the fundamental right to speedy trials of the ignorant and deprived members of the indigenous / downtrodden communities from the scheduled tribes and scheduled castes and other backward classes of Jharkhand facing trials in the courts. Over…

Zakia Jafri Case All legal documentation, case papers and background resources

The Zakia Jafri Case is a historic and unique legal intervention that seeks to establish administrative culpability and criminal complicity for the mass, targeted crimes that rocked Gujarat for several months in 2002. Zakia Jafri lost her husband, Congress MP Ehsan Jafri, in the Gulberg Society carnage that took place during the post-Godhra genocide in Gujarat in 2002. Zakia and…

Amir Rizvi
Zaki Jafri, Teesta Setalvad
Mihir Desai, Senior Lawyer

Evidence Unearthed in the Zakia Jafri Case Part 3 of a Four Part Interview with Senior Advocate Mihir Desai

In the third of the four part interview, senior counsel, Mihir Desai traces the wealth of evidence that indicates the chain of command responsibility and criminal conspiracy behind the genocidal carnage in Gujarat 2002. He also explains how the evidence of Sanjiv Bhatt was never a pillar of either the criminal complaint files by Zakia…

Speak Out Against the Culture of Intimidation: Padmavati Row A Petition to NCW and NHRC

Freedom of speech and expression in India, suffered another body blow with the breaking out of a national row over the film ‘Padmavati’ this year. The film which has yet to be released in cinema halls, has been cleared officially by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), but its lead actor Ms. Deepika Padukone…

Najeeb, Rohith Vemula

Stop Violence against Mothers demanding Justice for their Children A Petition to NCW and NHRC

Indian mothers like Fatima Nafees and Radhika Vemula, who demanded justice for their missing and deceased sons and dared to ask tough questions, were rewarded for their persistence with police brutality and violence. These women are resilient, courageous and determined to find the truth. But all they get in return is apathy. Their stories are…

Gujarat Riots
Righ to Privacy

The Privacy Song

In India, often when one speaks of privacy, people presume that the person has something to hide. In fact, the words ‘privacy’ and ‘secrecy’ are often interchangeable in our society. This may be because traditionally we have been a collectivist society as opposed to the more individualist culture of western nations. This is why often,…

The Murder of Pehlu Khan

Pehlu Khan was killed on a busy highway in Rajasthan by a mob of self-proclaimed cow protectors. Now in an exclusive investigation, senior investigative journalist Ajit Sahi has discovered that this was in fact murder. He has also found that the police sabotaged the investigation and engaged in an elaborate cover up. This weakened the…

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