CJP in Action: NHRC takes note of complaints, issues notice to UP police chief  After receiving multiple complaints about violence against anti-CAA protesters, NHRC seeks a report from UP police

28, Dec 2019 | CJP

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has taken cognizance of the many complaints received by it concerning the several human rights violations in police action undertaken during anti-CAA protests in Uttar Pradesh.

Teesta Setalvad’s complaint on behalf of Citizens for Justice and Peace was one of the complaints received and officially taken on record by the NHRC in the background of the increasing atrocities carried out by the police in U.P.

While taking cognizance of the complaint registered on December 23, the Commission issued notice to DGP (Director General of Police), UP calling for a report in the matter within 4 weeks. The first hearing is set for 30 January 2020.

A complaint was sent first via email, which was duly registered by the Commission and then an official petition followed.

The complaint sent via email, on behalf of CJP, mentions reports of unprovoked beating up of Muslims, bullets fired at young boys in Muzaffarnagar’s Khalapar area; 200 vehicles mostly belonging to Muslims damaged by the police; 2 mosques damaged, over 200 people detained or arrested, lathi charge on peaceful protesters, detention of activist Sadaf Jafar who was protesting peacefully; suspension of internet in several areas in the state and so on.

The petition which followed, highlighted how the police action had led to significant loss of life and destruction of public and private property. The petition stated, “About 850 persons have been arrested in Uttar Pradesh across the 9 above-mentioned districts and 895 persons have been detained, this includes 21 minors. There are reports that the minors, along with other detainees were also beaten up while in police custody.” The petition also highlights how the protesters have been booked under some grievous sections of the Indian Penal Code and that more than 1,000 people have been kept under house arrest.

The petition also brought to the notice of the NHRC, “Such a perturbed law and order situation has been continuing in the state since a week now and it still continues as internet communication remains suspended in most parts of the state and section 144 of CrPC still imposed in the state.”

The petition further urged the Commission to institute an independent inquiry “to ensure that a fair inquiry is made into the matter, while taking into account individual testimonies of affected people” and also do all that it can in its power to “issue guidelines to State police Departments for controlling peaceful protesters and to ensure they do not indulge in human rights violations in controlling such situations.”

The petition may be read here


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