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Teesta Setalvad and Vishal Dadlani urge you to Fight The Mob Press Release

Human Rights Defender Teesta Setalvad and rockstar Vishal Dadlani came together in Mumbai to discuss the growing instances of mob violence and institutional scuttling of dissenting voices. The initiative called ‘Fight The Mob’ is an extension of a nationwide campaign against hate speech by human rights organisation Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) of which Setalvad is Secretary. “We…

भड़काऊ भाषणों में सबसे आगे कौन ? भड़काऊ भाषणों के खिलाफ हमारे अभियान से जुड़ें!

एसोसिएशन ऑफ डेमोक्रेटिक रिफॉर्म्स (ADR) और नेशनल इलेक्शन वॉच (NEW) द्वारा एक रिपोर्ट जारी की गयी है, जिसके मुताबिक़ लोकसभा और राज्य विधानसभा के कई सदस्यों पर भड़काऊ भाषण इस्तेमाल करने का आरोप लगा है – इसमें सबसे आगे भाजपा है.   भड़काऊ भाषणों के खिलाफ हमारे अभियान से जुड़ें: Understand what constitutes Hate Speech…

Hate Speech Rules the Day Join Our Campaign Against Hate Speech

A report released on April 25, 2018 by the Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW) says that the BJP leads the pack when it comes to members who have police complaints of hate speech filed against them. Join Our Campaign Against Hate Speech Understand what constitutes Hate Speech How Hate Builds  

Divide and Rule in the Name of the Cow Findings of Fact Finding team investigating cow vigilantism and lynching

In a damning indictment of the government’s failure to stop violence against minorities, especially in the name of the cow protection, a new report by a fact finding team led by the Bhoomi Adhikar Andolan has found that the so called ‘Gau Rakshaks’ are a communally motivated group that thrives on religiously motivated violence. What…

Gujarat Riots
Righ to Privacy

The Privacy Song

In India, often when one speaks of privacy, people presume that the person has something to hide. In fact, the words ‘privacy’ and ‘secrecy’ are often interchangeable in our society. This may be because traditionally we have been a collectivist society as opposed to the more individualist culture of western nations. This is why often,…

The Murder of Pehlu Khan

Pehlu Khan was killed on a busy highway in Rajasthan by a mob of self-proclaimed cow protectors. Now in an exclusive investigation, senior investigative journalist Ajit Sahi has discovered that this was in fact murder. He has also found that the police sabotaged the investigation and engaged in an elaborate cover up. This weakened the…

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