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Rath Yatra 2018: Political ploy or Communal Conspiracy? The last time a chariot passed through India, it triggered hate and violence

19, Feb 2018 | CJP Team

The RSS and its affiliates have started a Rath Yatra aimed at polarising voters in upcoming elections. This even as the Supreme Court hears the Ayodhya dispute case. CJP calls for peaceful protests at each stop of the Rath Yatra takes. We also urge people to hold programmes for Peace and Communal Harmony. After all, India knows only too well, where hate mongering of this kind can lead us.

We also urge citizens to sign our petition to stop this communal Rath Yatra. You can sign our petition here:

As a group committed to the rule of law and the Indian Constitution, we are deeply concerned at the divisive impact that it will have on India. We believe that the Central government cannot and should not remain a passive spectator, and put an immediate end to this Rath Yatra. Watch this video to know more about why we need to unite and stop this communal Rath Yatra.



  1. Will a few civil right activists and conscious people be able to stop the Rath Yatra? Is that possible when all they know is violence, lies and hate? I have no idea as to what actually can and should be done. It looks scary. All I can do sitting thousands of miles away is to join people in prayers.

  2. No Rath Yatra or any Yatra in the name of religion. Let humanity prevail. Love to all communities. No hate to any one.

  3. Urgent need to organize human chains to block the ratha-yatra, in all the states through which will pass. Request non-BJP political parties and civil society groups to undertake mass mobilization to set up such human chains

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