Hate Watch: CJP writes to Zee News Seeks action against hate filled poetry show

11, Jul 2018 | CJP Team

Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) has written to the Zee Media Corporation after its channel, Zee News, saw fit to air a divisive programme on June 30, 2018, on its ‘Kya Kehta Hai India’ segment. The programme featured multiple poets who called for widespread violence against the population of Jammu and Kashmir, with no regard to the hatred they were propagating. They also displayed no sensitivity towards the possible effects of such propaganda, especially on the delicate socio-cultural fabric of Indian society today.

One poet, Dinesh Raghuvanshi, callously said that people against the Indian army in Kashmir would be taped not just to the bonnet of the car but on all four sides, seemingly mocking a Kashmiri man who, in 2017, was tied to the front of an Army jeep as a human shield. Noting the growing hatred in the country, along with Zee News’ reported 150 million viewers and massive reach, CJP is seeking an appropriate apology to the Indian public from the channel, “for carrying such irresponsible, inciteful and violence inducing content” and breaching basic media ethics and principles. 

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Our letter to Prasanna Raghav of the Zee Media Corporation may be read here: 



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