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Raghu Rai

But What About 1984? Bhopal Gas Tragedy: The Other Story from a Year of Hate and Poison

1984, has always been associated with terrible things. It is the year of Operation Blue Star, Indira Gandhi’s assassination and the anti-Sikh riots. The year is often mentioned in ‘whataboutary’ matches between people at extreme ends of the political spectrum. But a story many seem to forget, and only pay lip service to on its…

World AIDS Day: Right to health

December 1, 2017 is World AIDS Day, and the theme for this year is the right to health. According to UNAIDS, the right to health involves not just “access to quality health services and medicines”, but also “assurances” such as gender equality, adequate sanitation and housing, health education, and being able to make choices regarding one’s…


Tale of Despair: Patients Living on Pavements Outside AIIMS

With a large number of patients and a shortage of night shelters, thousands of patients are spending days in the subway of AIIMS metro station or on the pavement outside AIIMS, as they wait for treatment, writes Rajat Mishra, a student pursuing Master in Journalism at AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Milia Islamia University. Not…

Plugging the Loopholes: Pesticide Deaths in Vidarbha Part 3 of our investigation reveals deaths caused by failure to train farmers in proper methods of spraying

In our previous stories concerning deaths of farmers due to toxic spray of pesticides like Monocil containing harmful phosphoric components like Monocrotophos, we investigated how the deaths occurred due to the availability of highly toxic and hazardous pesticides in the market and a flourishing pesticide industry combined with a largely unregulated market. We also discussed…

Allowed to Breathe Poison in Vidarbha

Allowed to Breathe Poison in Vidarbha Part 2 of our investigation reveals lacunae in the system that leads to pesticide poisoning deaths

In our previous story concerning pesticide related deaths in Vidarbha, we illustrated how the deaths were preventable and occurred only due to the apathy and callousness of authorities that should have done a better job regulating the quality and sale of pesticides in the state. We also demonstrated how various authorities washed their hands off…

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