Order for increasing beds in Government Hospitals Issued by Department of Health And Family Welfare, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi on April 18

18, Apr 2021 | CJP Team

Upon witnessing the rapidly increasing numbers of patients who were testing positive for Covid-19, and bearing in mind that numbers could increase further, the Delhi Government ordered increasing the number of beds in Hospitals within its jurisdiction. 

Accordingly, as many as 7,200 beds for Covid, 875 ICU beds with ventilators, and 1850 ICU beds without ventilators were assured, as against the current tally of 5,221 Covid beds, 656 beds with ventilators and 1,174 respectively.

Ideally, the State Government should have made it a point of providing for such resources a few months prior, especially upon realizing the rapid growth of Covid related cases in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that despite providing for such resources, people are falling short of the aforesaid beds, indicating the gravity of the public health emergency in Delhi.


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