Order on stickers for vehicles of essential service providers Issued by Mumbai Police on April 17, 2021

17, Apr 2021 | CJP Team

In the light of rapidly growing cases in Maharashtra, the Mumbai Police issued an order under Section 144 of the Cr. P.C, 1973 disallowing the movement of people in the public through any vehicle, unless, a sticker in the shape of a circle with 6-inch diameter upon the vehicles. The stickers are required to be put up by the owners, and they can avail them free of cost from the Police from their checkpoints. 

Specifically, it has to be put up in the following manner: 

  • In the case of cars, trucks etc., it is to be affixed between the front and rear screen of the prescribed colours. 
  • In the case of 2 wheelers, it is to be affixed on the visible portion on the front and the rear. 

Types of Stickers:

  1. Red Stickers: Vehicles engaged in the medical field, i.e., those belonging to doctors. medical personnel, ambulances, those carrying vaccines, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, sanitizers, masks, etc. are required to put up the said sticker.
  2. Green Stickers: Vehicles engaged in catering food items, either cooked or raw, are required to put up the said sticker. 
  3. Yellow Stickers: Vehicles engaged in transporting Government Officers, those involved in essential services such as electricity, water and sanitation, petroleum, delivery of goods, officers of the companies providing essential services, journalists are required to put up the said sticker. 

The said order, which shall be in force from 8 A.M on April 17, 2021 to 7 A.M on May 1, 2021. is a restriction on the freedom of movement of the citizens, so imposed for safeguarding public health. 

However, the said order, which aims at discouraging “unnecessary” travel, is likely to affect the livelihood of those engaged in the tourism sector, besides gravely impacting the lives of rickshaw, taxi and bus drivers. Though by permitting the physical delivery of non-essential commodities and food through e-commerce, it gives an opportunity to smaller businesses to make sustain themselves amidst these restrictions.  

The entire order may be viewed here:



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