Order identifying Essential Services Issued by the Department of Revenue and Forest, Disaster Management, Relief and Rehabilitation, Government of Maharashtra on April 5, 2021

05, Apr 2021 | CJP Team

In a bid to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, the Government of Maharashtra has decided to permit only those professions, which cater to the essential needs of the citizens. These have been identified as:

  1.   Petrol Pumps
  2. All Cargo Services
  3.   Data Centres/IT Sector
  4. Government and Private Security Centre
  5.   Fruit Vendors

Apart from these, the State Government has permitted the activities of certain public and private organisations between 7 A.M and 8 P.M until April 30, 2021. These include organisations involved in the Financial and Banking sector, such as SEBI, RBI, and entities recognised by them, all non-banking financial corporations, micro-finance organisations, offices of Advocates and Custom House agents.

While people holding valid tickets and industrial workers with ID cards may travel between 8 P.M-7 A.M, students who are required to attend exams in person are permitted to travel beyond the curfew limits.

Places of worship will continue to remain shut, though marriages/last rites within the said premises are permitted subject to stringent restrictions. Notably, the local Disaster Management Authority has been vested with the power of deciding whether to permit domestic workers, drivers etc. to work after 8 PM besides deciding upon the execution of marriages during the weekend lockdown.

It appears that due to this order, micro, small and medium businesses, could suffer a setback during the period that the order is operational, unless they are industrial or manufacturing units as industrial workers are allowed to travel. This also allows these workers to earn a living even during this period. But given how factories and industrial units are usually run by larger business owners, it is likelier to benefit them most as they have a steady supply of labour. However, allowing students to travel instead of insisting on online exams or postponement of exams, could backfire and allow the virus to spread even if there is a small amount of carelessness by anyone involved.

The detailed order may be read here:


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