Clarification for permitting select group of people to opt for RAT instead of RT-PCR Test Issued by the Government of Maharashtra on April 9

09, Apr 2021 | CJP Team

The Maharashtra government has clarified that persons engaged in certain activities where Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test has been mandated,also have the option of undergoing Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) instead. 

These include people engaged in public transport/private transport, shootings for films/serials/advertisements, staff related to home delivery services, staff conducting examinations, staff at marriage venues, staff at funeral venues, eatable vendors, labourers/ workers/staff in the manufacturing sector, e-commerce staff, staff involved in permitted construction activity, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) etc. 

While the said clarification has permitted the operation of certain essential administrative units such as Aaple Sarkar Seva Kendra, SETU, CSC Centers, SETU Kendra, Passport SevaKendra etc. which provide one window system for various government services shall function on weekdays between 7 AM and 8 PM, it has ensured that the term “newspaper” is inclusive of periodicals and journals. 

While RAT is easier to perform and ensures immediate results, the efficiency of RT-PCR is usually rated much higher. Therefore, it appears that the state government may have acted out of ignorance, a move that could leave thousands of people vulnerable to infection in case the test result turns out to be a false negative.  




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