Guidelines for Hotels linked with Private Hospitals Issued by Department of Health And Family Welfare, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi on April 14

14, Apr 2021 | CJP Team

The Delhi Government has linked over 20 hotels and banquet halls to 23 Covid Hospitals – these entities would thereafter act as extended Covid Hospitals. Non-critical patients would be kept here so that hospital beds can be allocated to those who need it most.

These Hotels are under an obligation to provide sufficient manpower, oxygen supply, PPE Kits, pulse-oximeter, N-95 Masks, gloves, medicines etc. Patients shall be transferred to the Hospitals from such hotels, only when their condition becomes severe – until then, they shall be treated at the latter. 

The government has also stepped in to regulate charges. These hotels cannot ask patients to pay more than Rs. 5,000/- per day (for a 5-star hotel room) and up to Rs. 4,000/- (for a 4 or 3 star hotel) for all its services. However, investigation charges shall be charged by the linked hospital for oxygen supply, though it cannot exceed Rs. 2,000/- per day. While medical services shall be charged independently, all the payment shall be made to the Linked Hospital which shall then make the payment to the Hotel. 

In times of such crisis, this willingness of the private sector to collaborate with the government for tackling Covid-19 is indeed commendable. It is also noteworthy, that the Government has put a cap on charges thereby ensuring patients are not overcharged.


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