Order on surveillance of incoming travellers Issued by Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Kerala on April 18, 2021

18, Apr 2021 | CJP Team

The Government of Kerala, bearing in mind the rapidly increasing cases across India, sought to implement measures for monitoring persons coming from other parts of India or the world, in a bid to prevent residents of the state from being exposed to fresh infection.

Domestic Travellers are required to carry an RT-PCR Negative Test Report, so received 48 hours prior to entering Kerala. Upon arrival, they are required to register themselves in E-Jagaratha Portal – in case a few people decide to take the report upon arrival, they would be expected to be quarantined until the test reports are available. In case such a person tests positive, he would be required to take appropriate medical treatment. If such a person tests negative, he would still be obliged to ensure Covid Appropriate Behaviour while in Kerala.

International Travellers, on the other hand, are required to comply with the safety measures introduced by the Government of India; the State Government expects such persons to ensure Covid Appropriate Behaviour during their stay within its territorial jurisdiction.

The said curbs are indeed praiseworthy since they do not bar people from travelling, but mandate undertaking a test either prior to or upon arrival in the state –balancing the freedom of movement among other such rights with that of public health. The notion of introducing contract tracing for monitoring such persons shall be beneficial in protecting the interests of the citizens.



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