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CJP in Action: Bringing hate-mongering news media to justice Here’s how we are taking action against TV news channels that spread hate and fake news

Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) has a proud history of thwarting attempts to spread hate. We work tirelessly to bring to justice news channels and media outlets that spew communal venom. To this end, we have taken action against different media houses and new agencies who we discovered were engaging in hate speech and…

Teesta Setalvad on CAA-NPR-NRC

Times Now’s vilification of Teesta Setalvad: NBSA to hold hearing Hearing to be held via video-conferencing on Nov 26, 2020

On October 28, 2020, the National Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA) informed Times Now news channel, via an official email, to be present for a hearing on November 26, 2020, to look into allegations of a vilification campaign against journalist and activist Teesta Setalvad. The email said, “NBSA was of the prima facie view that the…

Desperate Times Now, desperate measures Channel broadcasts special show on ‘secret tapes’ using footage from Facebook Live by activists!

On Monday night, Times Now, a channel now infamous for making a mockery of journalism on a daily basis, put its foot in its mouth yet again, when it broadcast a ‘secret tape’ where several well-known human rights activists were seen and heard decrying the activities of Muslim extremist groups. The only problem was that…

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