CJP Victory! NBDSA orders removal of contested debate show aired by Times Now Navbharat NBDSA stated that the impugned show violated specific guidelines covering reportage related to racial and religious harmony

28, Jul 2023 | CJP Team

A huge victory has come for Citizens for Justice and Peace’s campaign against hate speech. Through its recent order, the News Broadcasting & Digital Standards Authority (NBDSA) has asked the Times Now Navbharat to remove the video of its inflammatory and violence inducing content broadcasted in November, 2022. The NBDSA acted on the complaint sent by the CJP, and highlighted that the channel violated the Code of Ethics and Broadcasting Standards and misled the audience. Advocate Aparna Bhat assisted by Maria Karishma appeared for CJP before the NBDSA.

In its order issued on June 27, the NBDSA stated, “NBDSA has decided that a warning be issued to the broadcaster (Channel: Times Now Navbharat) directing it to be more careful in the future.” NBDSA also directed the broadcaster to “remove the video of the said broadcast, if still available on the website of the channel, or YouTube, and remove all hyperlinks, including access which should be confirmed to the NBDSA in writing within 7 days of the Order.”

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The NBDSA held that the broadcaster violated the, “Specific guidelines covering Reportage related to Racial and Religious Harmony” which states that 9.1 Racial and religious stereotyping should be avoided; 9.2 Caution should be exercised in reporting content which denigrates or is likely to offend the sensitivities of any racial or religious group or that may create religious intolerance or disharmony.

The NBDSA had also held that “There would have been no issue if the broadcaster had factually reported on the illegalities in the running of some madrassas. However, in the impugned broadcast, the findings of the survey conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Government were used to allege that ‘Madrassa Jihad’ was taking place in the country, which created an impression that every madrassa is a breeding ground for terrorism and activities of similar nature. The tilt given to the findings of the survey was not only misleading but a violation of the Code of Ethics & Broadcasting Standards.”

The entire order may be read here:


Brief Background of the Case:

On November 11, 2022, a debate segment was aired by the Times Now Navbharat, titled “’Madrasa Jihad’ पर बड़ा खुल़ास़ा, मजहबी त़ालीम क़ा ‘491 तंत्र”. The debate, hosted by Naina Yadav and Rakesh Pandey, was based on a “survey” carried out by the UP government on Madrassas in certain districts of the State. Reportedly, it was found that Bahraich city, which is close to the Nepal border, has 792 madrassas out of which 491 were found to be running “without license”.

Over this news, the channel held a debate and declared that something called “madrassa Jihad” was taking place in Bahraich.

In the complaint sent to the NBDSA on December 5, 2022, CJP had raised “concern over the manner in which or the approach chosen to deal with this data. The complainant had stated that by using terms like “Madrassa Jihad” and “the ‘M’ Factor” the channel has resorted to cheap tactics to spread communal tension and hatred which is unbecoming of a news channel”. The complaint had also pointed out that the channel used the “jihad” trope to further its communal narrative. “The trend of using the suffix of ‘jihad’ to propagate their communally divisive narrative has caught traction in the mainstream news media. The moment any news wherein a person from Muslim Community is involved, news channels rush to label it as some kind of Jihad,” the complaint stated.


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