Times Now Navbharat uses ‘mazaar jihad’ in a show, CJP sends complaint The show was called ‘Operation Mazaar’ and made baseless claims

30, May 2023 | CJP Team

Citizens for Justice and Peace has in a complaint to Times Now, raised concerns over the contents of the debate show titled ‘धामी सरकार का ‘ऑपरेशन मजार’, ‘गजवा-ए-हिंद’ की साजिश के किससे जुड़े तार? This show aired on May 22 on Times Now Navbharat whereby the host through ground reporting conducted an “analysis” of alleged illegal mazaars (Islamic shrines) in Uttarakhand and kept calling it ‘Operation Mazaar’.

mazaar is a shrine which usually belongs to some religious leader or Sufi saint.

The show relied on “Government data” and “sources” and tried to formulate a link between the dargahs/mazaars and the increase in Muslim population across Uttarakhand and specifically Haridwar. The show also claimed that there has been a change of around 39-43% in the demography of Haridwar, without citing any sources for such data.

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The show repeatedly displayed and used the terms ‘mazaar jihad’ and ‘land jihad’/‘zameen jihad’ even though News Broadcasting & Digital Standards Authority (NBDSA) has repeatedly reprimanded and warned news channels against usage of such terms.

Pointing out the same, CJP in its complaint has highlighted certain extracts from the show that are specifically contentious.

A mazaar is a shrine which usually belongs to some religious leader or Sufi saint. In the show, the host claims that there are multiple mazaars in Uttarakhand that on demolition did not have any human remains under them; were built on Government land; and were built at places usually not visited by people but end up becoming crowded.

The host started the news segment with biased questions like “Aakhir Uttarakhand me mazaaro ka sach kya hai? Aakhir mazaaro ke naam par atikraman ko lekar Uttarakhand ki sarkar bulldozer kyu chala rahi hai?” (What is the truth behind these shrines? Why is the Uttarakhand government setting off bulldozers against encroachment by shrines?) 

The host further said that the mazaars in the forest areas of Jim Corbett have ‘well maintained’ mazaars and went on to explain the modus Operandi of the Muslims which is- building a mazaar at a secluded place. 

The following objectionable text was repeatedly displayed throughout the debate:

  • Avaidh Mazaar… Gajva-e-Hind ke taar (illegal mazaars connected to Gazwa-e-hind (Muslim nation)) 
  • Devbhoomi me ‘Mazaar Jihad’ sajizh kiski? (Mazaar jihad on the land of gods. Whose conspiracy is it?) 
  • Mazaar Jihad’ ka mastermind kaun? (Who is the mastermind of mazaar jihad?) 
  • Dhami Sarkar ka ‘Operation Mazaar’ (Dhami government’s mazaar jihad) 
  • Devbhoomi me khatam hoga ‘land jihad’ (Land jihad will be over in the Land of gods) 

The complaint highlighted that, “already in Uttarakhand miscreants have destroyed mazaars claiming they are on government lands, thus taking law in their hands. What could follow is intense scrutiny of places of religious importance to the Muslims and the feeling of othering will only metastasize within the community affecting not just their social life but it could push them to brink of fleeing from what clearly will transition in religious persecution.”

A show on similar lines was done by Aaj Tak in April against which CJP filed a complaint on April 12. In the show, Sudhir Chaudhary had claimed that the mazaars after being demolished were examined and it was found that there are no human remains in the grave, which means that these were fake shrines, intended to encroach upon government land so that people from Muslim community can start living on that encroached land. He made these wild claims without giving any source for such a claim or any solid basis. 

On Monday CJP wrote to Times Now about another show where a debate was conducted on the survey of madrassas in Uttar Pradesh and the deleterious manner in which the same was conducted to drive an anti-Muslim narrative.

The complaint may be read here:



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