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Citizenship amendment bill

CJP condemns attempts to stifle Democratic Voices in Assam Sedition charges against Dr. Hiren Gohain are ridiculous!

As protests erupt all across India’s North East over the Citizenship Amendment Bill, an attempt is being made to stifle democratic voices like that of eminent intellectual Dr Hiren Gohain. As one of Assam’s tallest intellectuals who represents the pulse of the state, it is rather ridiculous to accuse him for sedition. Citizens for Justice…

BREAKING: Dr. Hiren Gohain reacts to Sedition case against him Assamese intellectual had opposed Citizenship Amendment Bill

Reacting to the sedition charges against him, Dr Hiren Gohain makes it clear that whatever he has being saying against the citizenship amendment bill , has been in favor of secularism and hence in favor of a democratic India. In fact, it seems that the sedition case against him is just a pressure tactic by…

I condemn the Citizenship Amendment Bill: Dr Hiren Gohain Assamese intellectual opposes religious discrimination at the heart of the bill

The central government’s move to grant citizenship to non-Muslims from India’s neighbouring countries has faced enormous opposition in the North East. According to several of those who oppose the bill, it is in direct contravention of the Assam Accord. Here, Assam’s tallest intellectual Dr Hiren Gohain speaks out for secularism and against the Citizenship Amendment…

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