Understanding the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), NRC and NPR An action packed day for CJP

17, Dec 2019 | CJP Team

Malegaon: On 15th December 2019, CJP was invited to multiple meetings where CJP’s secretary Teesta Setalvad addressed the press in a hour long interaction. In her speech, she said that Citizenship was our Constitutional right and this right was being attacked because of this government’s policies and the recent amendment to the Citizen Amendment Act 2019. She went on to say that because of Citizens for Justice and Peace’s vast experience in Assam (NRC) they were there to inform people and not let them be prey to divide and rule politics of the government.

In a meeting with prominent citizens of Malegaon, organised by the President of the Community Coordination Initiative (CCI), Professor AM Siddiqui, CJP addressed over 50 people from various organisations to stand up for the Constitution of India. CJP also urged people to understand, organise and fight back democratically and unequivocally, and reject the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 and the possibility of an all India NRC/NPR.

Citizenship has been defined as the right to have rights. Over the past six years, there have been clear political moves to fundamentally assault and redefine this Constitutional basis of both Indian nationhood and citizenship. Especially now, with the newly drafted proposed Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 and a not thoroughly debated all India-level NPR-National Register of Citizens (NRC) process. CJP is urging people to understand, organise and fight back democratically. Let’s stand up for the Constitution of India. We must unequivocally reject CAB 2019 and at the same time in the same breath, NPR/NRC. For this we need your support.

Citizens for Justice and Peace finds it imperative to mobilise and inform people to avoid panic amognst our citizens. The public meeting held in the wee hours was attended by over 500 people from Malegaon and surrounding places. Teesta Setalvad, the chief speaker at this meeting spoke about the Citizen Amendment Act and it’s genesis. She shared CJP’s experience in Assam (NRC) and the human right’s work that CJP is doing for the people of Assam. She explained why it is pertinent for everyone to understand why the nation is protesting all over the country. 

“Humare shehri hukook koi bhi cheen nahin sakta, yeh terik mein aman pasand tarike se kanoon ki jankari lekar, samvidhan ki saughand kha kar humein shamil hona chahiye”

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