Right wing groups indoctrinate Hindu youth to wield Trishuls to protect religion, cows This year alone, thousands of youth have been given these weapons

04, Apr 2023 | CJP Team

Trishul distribution has become commonplace in right wing circles where hundreds and in some cases thousands of local youth are called for the event and indoctrinated into the extremist right wing ideology to keep weapons like the trishul at home and use it, as they put it, “responsibly, to protect Hindu religion, culture, women and cows.

Senior workers of either Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) or Bajrang Dal are present at such events to make vile speeches against Muslims calling them slurs like jihadis. Here’s a low down of Trishul Diksha events of the past month.

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On February 28, VHP and Bajrang Dal distributed trishuls to over 130 young men in Vadodara, Gujarat. Viral Desai, of VHP Southern Gujarat, while speaking to the media said that the trishuls were distributed to Hindu men after  giving them complete information about it and what is the necessity of a trishul in Hindu homes. He said that  the young men were administered an oath to use the trishuls responsibly and to worship it at home and use it to protect Hindu society, women, cows and saints.

On March 6, Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Swami Dinesh Bharti was speaking at a trishul distribution event in Sunderbani, Jammu where he cautioned all Hindus to keep Trishuls at home. He said, “For those jihadis there is no place in this country. They should leave Bharat  and this Hindustan is not theirs.” He then gave examples of gods wielding weapons like Maa Durga, Shiva, Hanuman and said that Hindu youth should also carry weapons.

He then also veered towards preaching economic boycott of Muslims by saying, “if you want to buy clothes, food, stitch clothes, why don’t you go Hindu business”.

On March 12, at the Swami Narayan Temple of Himmatnagar in North Gujarat, more than 300 youths were present to accept trishuls from VHP and Bajrang Dal. As per Dainik Jagran’s report BJP MP Deep Singh Rathore (Sabarkantha constituency) was also present at the event.

On March 16, amid resounding calls of “jai Shree Ram”, more than 750 Hindu youth were present where trishul were distributed by VHP, in Dhoraji, Gujarat

The following day, in Dholpur, Rajasthan, an oath was administered by VHP to hundreds of youth to protect religion, culture, society and prosperity of Hindu nation. “I will use the Trishul to protect Hindu religion,” the crowd repeated.

A similar oath was administered as can be seen  in the video that came out on March 21 from Jhalana Doongri, Rajasthan where Bajrang Dal distributed Trishul to hundreds of men.

On March 24, in Kamrej, Surat; Una, Gir Somnath and Kadi, Mahesana, districts of Gujarat, more than a thousand youth were given the trishul and took an oath to protect Hindu religion while dancing on the roads holding saffron flags and dancing on “Jai Shree Ram” songs.


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