Muslim population a “time bomb” to “Hindus take up arms’: A Seven-Day Hate Report Assam, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand is tainted with anti-Muslim hate from April 19 to yesterday; the offenders escape the long arm of the law

27, Apr 2023 | Tanya Arora

Extreme views, even provocative speeches have become the order of the day with previously “fringe” elements being wooed by a powerful mainstream politics wedded to reshape India’s constitutionally established and secular, and sovereign republic into a majoritarian autocratic state. It is no longer a stretch to say that this far-right extremist Hindutva agenda enjoys state immunity and protection, this immunity extending to law enforcement officials who provide implicit support by an absence of prompt preventive action.

Through these anti-religious minority hate speeches, which primarily target the Muslim community, communal tensions in our country are being continually stoked. SabrangIndia and Citizens for Justice and Peace have reported myriad cases in the month of April 2023 itself where vigilante groups have beaten people accused of disrespecting/slaughtering cows, dragged couples out of trains, cafes and homes on suspicion that Hindu women might be seduced by Muslim men and even barged into religious gatherings where they suspect people are being converted. Recently, a prominent leader made his case for being elected in a state by promising the elimination of reservation granted to the Muslim community by the state.

CJP is dedicated to finding and bringing to light instances of Hate Speech, so that the bigots propagating these venomous ideas can be unmasked and brought to justice. To learn more about our campaign against hate speech, please become a member. To support our initiatives, please donate now!

The last seven days in April, ending April 26, have been no exception. Speeches that range from inciting the audience to take up arms and emboldening them to “not fear the law” while performing violent and harmful acts have been delivered. In most of these speeches, hate-mongers have portrayed India’s Muslims — who account for 15 percent of the population — as “the enemy”. Imagery used to instigate “fear and insecurity” in the majority are time-tested and common, the “burgeoning Muslim population”, threaten India’s demography; the need to mobilise with arms and so on. Maharashtra to Rajasthan, Uttarakhand to Assam, hate mongers have been provided a free passage to any and all regions of the country!

Here’s a mapping of the most recent of such hate speech:

Location: Vidarbha, Maharashtra¸ April 25-26 

A far-right leader with Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad (AHP) gave an open call for arming Hindus at a Trishul Diksha Event. In this hate speech, the speaker asked the Hindus to take up arms, prepare their Hindu youth to battle in order to live in India and protect our temples.

The speech:

“If you have to pass a road where a dog is standing, what will you do? You will pick up a stick, a stone, or something similar. You might not hit the dog, but you will have the strength to protect yourself and pass the dog. In the similar way, when you have weapons, you find the strength to fight. And for this, we should all pick up tridents so that we find the courage to fight, and for that only we are organising this Trident distribution event. If we prepare the Hindu youth to battle, only then will the Hindus be able to live in India. Or else, all our big-big temples are only going to last for 20-25 more years.”

The video can be viewed here: 

Location: Pugal, Bikaner, Rajasthan, April 25-26 

A Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) Pracharak Ishwar Lal delivered an anti- minority hate speech, where he demonised both Muslims and Christians, indulged in fear-mongering, and called on Hindus to keep weapons. He instigated the audience by saying that Lord Ram wanted the Hindus to learn how to use weapons. In his hate speech, he also spread demanded for a population control bill, by spreading misinformation about the growing of Muslim population. Additionally, he also said that the preachers of the Muslim and Christian community are indulging in forced religious conversions to destroy India.

The speech:

“How much power did Raavan have? His strength was similar to the strength of USA. It is one of the most powerful nations, with developed and latest science, weapons and technology. Raavan was also like this, but Lord Ram prepared all of you, gave you weapons, and unified us all. Did he kill Raavan in his own home or not?”

“If a dog enters own home, we will not even find a stick at home despite the fact that our lords have heavy gada (mace), sudarshan chakras, and dhanush (bow and arrow). Just like our Goddesses who have eight hands, with a weapon in each hand, and rides a lion. But people from our Hindu society do not have such weapons at home.”

“These Gods and Goddess are not going to come out of their frames to protect us. We have to protect ourselves. Do remember that Lord Ram himself had said that he will not drop his weapons, and will rather teach the whole society how to use them. That is why, he taught the people how to use a chariot, how to spears and swords, and how to form armies.”

“These Christian people, they trick the innocent Hindus and convert them to Christianity. In the states of Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, and Tripura, they have converted everyone to Christianity. They have used big amounts of money for this purpose. A lot of the foreign organisation are funding this. Additionally, these brands like Colgate, Tata, Rin, 30% of this money also goes to these Christians, who then convert our brothers. Do not use Colgate or Surf. Use only Babool or Patanjali.”

In India, there are two types of laws. One is that Hindus will get married once, have two children. Whereas in Muslims, they get married four times, and have so many children that they can have their own cricket teams. The rate in which Hindu population is rising is 2.15 while the rate is 6.15 in the case of Muslim population. These trains are leaving the station at different speeds, who do you think will reach first?”

“After 30-40 years, when your grandson and grand-daughter are there, can you imagine what the situation will be? Just like Hindus were made to leave from Jammu and Kashmir, the same would be done to your successors. This is why we need a uniform law. We won’t let this situation continue where we have only 2, while you get married 4 times and have 25.”

“Men wearing long kurtas and topis, with new faces, are seen in Pugal every day. These people are not from here. They come from Bareilly and then put in ideas in the innocent people and ask the Muslims, why are you sleeping? We had fought for the independence of our nation. We need to take this nation back, we need to covert it back from Darul Arab to Darul Islam. You need to work on that.”

“These m***a (anti-Muslims slur), Maulvis roam around saying this. How many are they in number? Only 5 lakhs preachers. I am also a preacher. Hindus only have 3-4 thousand. But, for Muslims, they have 5 lakhs preachers, the case is similar in case of Christians. They have mothers, fathers who roam around, open mission schools, and then trap our innocent brothers and sisters.”

“These people convert our SC/ST people by giving them free education, one or two other materialistic things, and then influence them. These Christian preachers are 3 lakh in number. Even China does not want that India should progress, and that is why they have put 2 lakh of their own people in India.”

“China is sending weapons, defective medicines to attack us. The destruction and violence happening in Kerala, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, and Nagaland, all these naxalite issues, China is behind all these issues. 5 lakh of Muslims, 3 lakh of Christians and then these 2 lakh Chinese, the total is 10 lakh. And these 10 lakh people are planning to destroy India while the Hindus in India are still in a deep slumber.” 

The video can be viewed here: 

Location: Mathania, Rajasthan, April 19 

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) senior leader Surendra Jain delivered hate speech against Muslims at a Trishul Deeksha event. He peddled conspiracy theories and advocated violence while delivering an instigating and islamophobic speech. He openly target the Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for instigating the Muslim community to commit atrocities against the Hindu community by being secular.

The speech:

“We have to understand why Muslims have such a mentality and then only we can cure it. Their mentality to commit jihad and make the whole of India into Darul Islam, and these people have been encouraged by secular ministers such as Ashok Gehlot and Mamata Banerjee. These people have instigated the Muslims to rise against Hindus, and oppress them. They tell the Muslims that they are not safe anymore, and only we can protect you.”

“We will not let these people sit peacefully now. Just like this event in Mathania, many such similar events are taking place pan India, uniting the Hindu youth. This war is going to get bigger in the coming time, because there are many people like Gehlot who go to any limit to get some votes”

“It is important to note that this issue is not limited to India, but expands to all those countries where Islam exists, the non-Muslims girls find themselves to be unsafe.”

“Only the issue of Ram-janma Bhoomi has solved, many others are still remaining. They will get solved. In the whole world, the name of Hindu will be heard. In the whole world, a new wave of rebellion will come, known as the saffron revolution and the whole world will be covered in the saffron color.”

“Today, a reported asked me as to why we organise these trident distribution events. I want to thell everyone that in order to protect our Bharat mata, our sisters and daughters, our cows, our religion, we will raise weapons if it is needed. We will do whatever is needed. But trishul distribution event is not for raising arms.”

“Mamata Banerjee, Ashok Gehlot, they have to understand that todays’ Hindu is not the Hindu of 1946 who will accept the violence against them peacefully. If someone tries to slap us even once, todays’ Hindu have the courage to break your hand.” 

The video can be viewed here: 

Location: Unknown 

Extremist monk and Hindu Samaj Party leader Mohit Raj Maharaj called for the establishment of a Hindu nation and also for using violence against those who “oppose Sanatan Dharma.”

The speech:

“If someone opposes our Sanatan Dharma, give them a befitting answer. And then India will itself become a Hindu nation, we won’t need a declaration for the same. We live in Hindusthan, in a land that belongs to the Hindus. This land does not belong to Akbar, Babar, Humayun, Bhahadur Shah Zafar….this land belong to lord Ram, lord Krishna, Chhatrapati Shivaji, Prithiviraj Chauhan. This land belongs to you and to us, and our land is going to be ruled by only Hindus.”

The video can be viewed here: 

Location/Source: Sudarshan News, April 24 

Hate monger Suresh Chavhanke indulged in fear-mongering while peddling conspiracy theories regarding the Muslim population, saying that the Muslims will soon outnumber the Hindu community. He then made open calls for implementing a population control bill which specifically explicitly targeted the Muslim community, and implementing a 2 child policy for them only

The speech:

“In 2017, on this same platform, we had talked about population control bill but then everyone had said that no one will talk about this issue. But today, if you ask anyone, they will say that the need for a population control bill is the most crucial today in regards to the increasing population.” 

“So today, when the country wants a concrete step to be taken for curbing the increasing population, I, Suresh Chavhanke, on behalf of my audience of crores, and on behalf of the signees of the Bharat Bachao petition, I want to amend our demands. In 1952, we have raised the slogan of ‘Hum do, Humare do’ (we are two, we will give birth to two), in 2018, we had said that ‘Hum do, Humare do toh sabke do’ (we are two, we will give birth to two as will everyone else).”

“But, today, in view of the depreciating Hindu population in regards to the Muslim population, we are changing are slogan. Now, we are saying that the Hindu population rate is 1.9 while the Muslim population rate is 3.6, which is almost double. Even if we bring the bill suggesting only two kids, then the Hindus who are giving birth to 3-4 children, and the Hindus who are giving birth to one child, will result in the population rate declining to 1.3, whereas if the Muslims are giving birth to only 2 children too, they will have almost double rate.” 

“And thus, I am demanding that when a population control bill is brought in, the bill should not be applied on Hindus, and should only be applied on those communities who rate of population is above 2.”

The audience can be heard cheering and clapping.

The video can be viewed here: 

Location: Hanol, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, April 23 

At a Hindu Dharam Sabha, extremist monks made open calls for the economic boycott of non-Hindus (Muslims & Christians). The three monks vowed not to let any Muslim live in Uttarakhand, and went to the extent of instigating their audience for using violence to drive the Muslims out of the state.

The Speech:

Speaker 1

“From this world, we need to erase every Jihadi, and only then will Sanatan be saved, humanity will be saved, and peace will prevail. I just want to tell the police and authorities that they should not do so much appeasement that the Shiv has to come to the earth to raise tridents and destroy the Earth.”

“In Uttarakhand, non-Hindus are increasing drastically. These people are entering Uttarakhand illegally, to distubrn the demography of Dev Bhoomi. All we want to say is that whoever enters the state of Uttarakhand under the guise of working here, and is a non-Hindu, I demand that they should only be able to come here for a specified time. And the non-Hindus who are living here, they should be scrutinises, if it is found that they are living here illegally, they should be asked to leave Uttarakhand. If the government is not doing this, the same work should be done by you people. You have to prepare from today.”

“Out of the 4 temples, these jihadis have already planned to capture 3 of them. To do so, they have already started living in concentration around those 3 temples. This is an oath taking gathering of the Dharam Sansad, and at this ceremony, you all should take an oath to chase every last jihadi out of our Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand.”

Speaker 2

“The land of Bharat belongs to the Sanatanis, and they should remain with the Sanatanis. If we give them a small piece of land, they capture the full land. They make mazhars somewhere, they make mosques somewhere, if you provide them even a little bit of support, and they will turn cancerous. We might not know about the first three stages of cancer, but when it reaches the fourth stage, we do know about it but cannot do anything about it. After that, life is over. Remember this, we will not let anyone who is not a sanatani live in Uttarakhand.”

Speaker 3

“Do not keep any kind of relation or contact with these people. Do not buy anything from them, become a vendor yourself rather and do this business yourself.”

Speaker 4

“We do not want that someone is killed, we do not want that someone is cut, and we also do not want to chase them away. But for that, they should not create such a situation where we are forced to take such actions. Till mow, Hindus have not done anything, but if your acts continue this way, we will have to take such actions that will remind you of your position in our country.”

The video can be viewed here: 

Location: Chirang, Assam, April 26 

Hindu far-right leader Pravin Togadia (AHP) demonised Muslims by spreads fear about their rising population, called it a ticking time bomb that will destroy India. He made calls to the citizens of Assam to join him in stopping this time bomb and protecting themselves from the impending Mughal rule.

The speech:

“The way in which the population of the Muslim community is increasing, it is a Muslim time bomb. Tell me, if a time bomb bursts, will we all die or not? Tell me, should we deal with this time bomb before it bursts or not? Let me tell you, only when Hindus progress can they be safe for Hindus. Hindus are in grave danger in the country.”

The Hindus in the states of Assam, Jammu & Kashmir, and Kerala are the ones in grave danger, but danger also looms over the Hindus of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan. The danger to these people are posed by the Muslim time bomb. We have to stop the rising population of Muslims, if we do not, the Mughals will rule India again.”

“The state of Assam did not let Mughals rule it, but they are not been able to stop this Muslim time bomb. This will result in Mughals ruling the state, and the Hindus were not safe under the Mughal regime. But Hindu are safe under the rule of Himanta Biswa Sarma.”

“I want to tell Himanta Sarma that Hindus might be safe today, but they won’t be after 30-40 years. To ensure that they are safe in the future too, we should put a stop to the Muslim population time bomb. For that, we should have a law prohibiting giving birth to more than 2 children. who will fight for this issue? Dr. Praveen Togadia.”

“Just like we had fought valiantly for the Ram Mandir, to protect the Hindus of this country, we will put a stop to the rising population of the Muslims. Will you all work with me? if you work with me, then I promise you that every man will be able to make the name of the state of Assam. No Bangladeshi Muslim will be permitted to stay here, and no Muslim will be allowed to give birth to more than two children. 

The video can be viewed here: 

At least two of the eight hate mongers are repeat offenders like Suresh Chavhanke and Praveen Togadia. The fact that they continue to deliver such law breaking speech, demonizing and stigmatizing majorities and provoking Hindus to violence, tells a sordid tale of state complicity in promoting or allowing the prevalent climate of othering and hate.


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