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I am facing an organised attack, says John Dayal

15, Sep 2015

Omar Rashid
MUMBAI, September 16, 2015
Well-known human rights activist John Dayal, who is being trolled by suspected right-wing activists for his comments on the social media, says he is facing an “organised” attack and suspects it is an attempt to silence the entire Christian community.
Dr. Dayal, secretary-general of the All-India Christian Council, came under a barrage of abusive comments after he tweeted on the arrest of the principal of St Xavier’s School, Mumbai, for allegedly molesting two minor students. Dr. Dayal had written that the owners of the school had connections with BJP.
His views against the meat ban further enraged the trolls who resorted to a personal attack, comparing him to paedophiles. His mobile number was posted online after which he received threatening calls.
Dr. Dayal said experts told him that to create a trend, a particular word or catch phrase had to be tweeted a particular number of times in a small time-frame. “Within a three-hour time frame, I was trending,” he said.


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