Hate Watch: Christians praying inside church heckled in Rajasthan Some men were questioning why they were praying loudly

02, Feb 2023 | CJP Team

A video has been posted on Twitter where a few Christian women are being questioned by some men for offering prayers at a church in Raisingh Nagar town in Sri Ganganagr District of Rajasthan.

The women were seen telling the men that they pray to feel at peace. When the men questioned if they pray outside, the women denied the same and said that they only pray within the church. Another man questioned whether the voices during prayer can be heard outside. To this the woman said that when they are praying it’s possible that they are loud enough that the same can be heard outside and since they speak on the mic. The man said if you are in such a small group you can hear what is being said and why is a mic being used. He also questioned to whom they were preaching by using speakers, “Why do you want others to listen,” he asked.

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The woman pointed out that when people from other religions have festivals or other such occasions, they use loudspeakers to which the man said that they have permission for usage. The woman then said that they will get the permission then there should be no objection.

The woman also said that we can practice our religion, our way, how it is meant to be and wondered why she was being questioned when other religions did the same.

The video may be viewed here:


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