Elections 2024: The past fortnight of April 2024 saw the first phases of the Lok Sabha polls marred by repeat doses of hate speech From April 8 to April 23, seven incidents of provocative and inflammatory speeches reported, common theme of destruction of Muslim religious places of worship

27, Apr 2024 | CJP Hate Watch Team

The month of April is a crucial month, with elections to the 18th Lok Sabha polls beginning on April 19 and two phases completed by April 26. As with the previous elections, especially those that have seen a resurgent and aggressive Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in a domineering position, the multi-phased contents since 2014 have witnessed hate speeches marring the poll campaign. Banking on a cynical plank –disregard for the Constitution and Indian law—crude speeches full of stigma and slur have been deployed by the party’s top brass to do what it does best—divide and polarise the electorate into a crude and monocoloured identity bracket that votes with no other consideration except a gleeful anti-minority rhetoric.

Since the announcement of the seven-phase schedule for the Lok Sabha polls on March 16, the Model Code of Conduct has come into effect. This further rigorously puts in place avowedly strict guidelines for campaigners, parties and their candidates. As a part of the effort  to track and counter hate, Citizens for Justice and Peace has been rigorously tracking provocative and inflammatory speeches being delivered across India, especially –but not only–during election time.   

CJP is dedicated to finding and bringing to light instances of Hate Speech, so that the bigots propagating these venomous ideas can be unmasked and brought to justice. To learn more about our campaign against hate speech, please become a member. To support our initiatives, please donate now!

Compiled below is our HateWatch Monitor’s listicle of the instigating speeches delivered in the past fortnight, between April 8 and April 23. The hate offenders (speakers) are leaders from the far-right, including Bharatiya Janata Party leaders, who have either singled out and stigmatised the Muslim community and culture in their speeches, or used religious symbols including places of worship to garner voter support. All these individually and together violate the Representation of Peoples Act, 1951 and are defined as “corrupt practices” under this law. None have been rigorously called out or prosecuted as a compliant Election Commission of India (ECI) turns a blind eye. A common theme in these speeches were exhortations to violence against Muslims and for the destruction of Mosques, with the objective of converting India into a Hindu nation. 

  1. Location: Sirohi, Rajasthan

Date: April 23

BJP leader Mahant Balaknath Yogi delivers communal speech using Muslims to attack the incumbent CM of Rajasthan, namely Ashok Gehlot. He brought in the topic of cow smuggling while defending cow vigilantism.


“Last time, appeasement politics took place in Rajasthan. You must remember the Jaipur incident and the way in which these people slit the throat of a Ram follower and killed him brutally. On the other hand, these people gave a compensation 50 lakhs to someone who was killed in a road accident. Who gave them [Congress party] the right to give money earned by the people of Rajasthan to others in this way?”

“So many sisters and daughters had their honours snatched. So many innocents were killed brutally. No money was given to us. While these people go on giving 50 lakhs to road accident victims of a particular community.”

“In another alleged incidents, a cow smuggler was killed in Alwar. Even when the incident took place in another state, our CM [incumbent CM Ashok Gehlot] had gone to their house to give them money. The deceased had multiple cases of cow slaughter and sow smuggling against him. They went and gave 25 lakhs to them. do you want to support such a man?”

The post can be viewed here:


2. Location: Budhwar Peth, Nashik, Maharashtra 

Date: April 22

Far-right social media influencer Harsha Thakur delivered a provocative speech against Muslims, peddling conspiracy theories and advocating call to arms. As per Hindutva Watch, the event at which the said speech was delivered had been organized by Sakal Hindu Samaj. 

“Learn how to take up arms. Anyone can wear a Burqa. If you leave your religion, not your caste but your religion, then you will be cut into 35 pieces. You will then only be found in suitcase or fridge. Read your religious texts and take up arms. Become hardcore and loyal towards you own religion.”

The post can be viewed here:

3. Location: Faridabad, Haryana

Date: April 14

Gau Raksha Dal leader Bittu Bajrangi delivered an inflammatory speech targeting Muslims of Mewat. Accusing them of being involved in crimes and cyber frauds, the speaker who is himself out on bail, peddled many anti-Muslim conspiracy theories.

The speech:

“They say that they are Mewatis (Muslim residents of Mewat). And we know that that they are Mewati as all of the terrorists, thieves and thugs are from there only. All the cyber frauds that are happening are from there only. They cannot keep themselves clean how ill they clean the surroundings.”

“This Maulana from Delhi, belonging to Jamiat-ul-Hind, has openly offered 100 acre plots of lands to those who conspire against Hindus, more to the ones that do more damage and kill more people.”

“In Mewat, 1500 cows are getting slaughtered every day, who is responsible for that?their Muslim minister call those who protect cows as goons. Those shameless Hindus who live there also hear that Muslim minister say it. Had it been someone like me, I would hold the neck of that man and throw him out.”

The post can be viewed here:


4. Location: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Date: April 12

Communal speech targeting Muslims delivered was delivered by an unknown speaker at Antarrashtriya Hindu Parishad (AHP) event where anti-Muslim sentiments were spread. 

The speech:

“We need to be aware. Ask those who live in a Muslim dominated society how important awareness is. Ask those who live in Kashmir or Hyderabad. Pick up a newspaper and you will read the crimes that these Maulanas are doing. We need to be aware about our history.”

The post can be viewed here:


5. Location: Moshi, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra

Date: April 10

Hindu Rashtra Sena Chief Dhananjay Desai, a frequent hate offender, indulges in fear mongering against Muslims.

The speech:

“Chanting of this Swami name is still going on; it was also done earlier in Sindh Punjab and Bengal. But now Bengal has become Bangladesh. Sindh Punjab has become Pakistan. And Kashmir which is our god land has become Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.”

“Here also some scheming is going on to create some horrible situation. Kashmir Files is a true incident that haunts Kashmir. The producer said that anyone who thinks this is extreme depiction of the situation should go and file lawsuits. I have made the entire film like a documentary.”

“All the mothers and sisters have come here; the devotees of Swami have come. Swami who recites are devotees. Because unless the mother is a devotee, without a good womb, without good blood, a Swami devotee cannot be born. Aren’t you a devotee of Swami, this is not just your devotion, your parents also deserve it.”

The post can be viewed here:


6. Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Date: April 9

Sudarshan News Editor-in-Chief Suresh Chavhanke delivered an anti-Muslim hate speech. he used slurs, raised calls for violence and taking up of arms, and even demanded changing the name of Ahmedabad city of Gujarat. While promoting anti-Muslim conspiracy theories, he called for law for population growth of Muslims.

The speech:

“If you want to ensure that your children do not have to indulge in a blood bath in the future, we need to let play with sticks and rods today.”

“If these K***h M***e (anti-Muslim slur) have the audacity to say that they will demolish a temple eve as we have Modi as our PM, Yogi as our CM and Amit Shah as our HM, just think of what they will do in the dark times ahead.”

“Those who will limit themselves to only keeping a pen in their hands will regret it. In the future, they will have to bow down to these Muslims. It is essential that we pick arms. We need to keep arms in one hand and a pen in the other.”

“Keep in mind that even one rupee donated to a green chaddar will result in a white chaddar for you.”

“Why do we keep referring to this heritage city as Ahmedabad? Do we want to be introduced by “Ahmad?” we should start calling it as Karnavati.”

The Hindu population rate is 1.3, while the Muslim population rate is 2.9. the Hindu population is decreasing. In a few years, Hindustan will not remain Hindustan. our ancestors dedicated their lives to save this nation, but will it remain free in the coming few years? To save our nation, we need to introduce a policy on population control.”

“We need to stop this whole programme of 4 wives and 52 kids.” 

The post can be viewed here:


7. Location: Barmer, Rajasthan

Date: April 8

Religious preacher Dhirendra Krishna Shastri promoted anti-Muslim conspiracy theory of “love jihad” and forced religious conversion. He also raised calls for destruction of mosques in Kashi and Mathura.

The speech:

“I hope my Hindu brother to ensure that no Hindu converts. I would also suggest my Hindu sisters to keep their eyes and ears open, these people come wear Kalava as well. Do not trust them at all, do not get trapped into “Love-Jihad”.

“Till now, only Ram has been welcomed back. Ayodhya and Kashi are just trailers, Mathura is still yet to happen.”

“Earlier we use to say ‘Lord Ram we will come and make the temple’, and now we say to Lord Krishna that we will feed him cream there only”.

“I want to make it clear that if there is an attack on our religion, I will give a fitting response to the same. I am a Hindu and I will only talk about Hinduism.”

The post can be viewed here:



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