Dalits, including women, attacked by dominant caste group in Madhya Pradesh over tree cutting Dalit villagers in Morena, Madhya Pradesh, were brutally assaulted for protesting against tree cutting

24, Nov 2023

In Madhya Pradesh’s Morena, a number of Dalit people were assaulted by the Parmar community. This attack reportedly started over the issue of cutting trees. Members of the Dalit community were there onwards attacked by axes and sticks.

On November 20 situation became violent after some men from the Parmar community arrived in the village and started cutting branches of a Ber tree. One villager, Ramavtar Mahor objected and there onwards the attack started violently with sticks and axes. Ramavtar himself was attacked by the men who hit his head with an axe. A video of the harrowing attack has surfaced on social media displaying the horrifying incident. According to local new source Bhaskar, the attackers even entered houses to beat people, and did not even spare women from the attack.

Three people, named Gajraj Mahor, Mayadevi Mahor, Ramavati Mahor, along with their father, Ramabai Mahor, and Keshavati Mahor, were among those seriously injured in the brutal assault. All the injured people have been transported to the district hospital for medical treatment. Some members from the Parmar community were also injured.

The Civil Lines police station has registered a case against both parties involved in the incident. The in-charge of the Civil Lines police station also has stated that members of the Mahor community approached the station, complaining about the assault after which a case was filed. At the same time, members of the Parmar community also approached the police demanding that a case be filed against the villagers, too.

Post-poll violence has abounded in Madhya Pradesh, where about three people have been killed thus far. Dalit have also found themselves vulnerable. According to a report by a journalist, one Dalit home was burned in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh.



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