Communal violence: Scientists write to President

28, Oct 2015

Oct 28, 2015 | Age Correspondent| chennai
Eminent thinkers and researchers from Scientists for Ethical and Societal Values, including professors from IIT- Madras and the Indian Institute of Mathematical Sciences, have submitted a petition to the President with regard to the recent rise in incidents of communal violence across the country.
“We, as scientists, are concerned about the recent developments with reference to intolerance, polarisation and spread of communal hatred resulting in the death of innocent people, rationalists”, reads the petition. “It is victimising innocent people for eating beef, sensible people for being against superstition, RTI activists or whistle blowers and many more innocent people with human values. It is not just victimising innocent and enlightened people, but killing them,” it added.
Adding that such incidents are taking the country backwards, the petition further said, “A highly polarised community is like a nuclear bomb close to criticality. It can explode any time and drive the nation to utter chaos. Hence, we are submitting a letter of deep concern sponsored by various scientists from different Institutions all over the country and hope the situation will improve”.
With more than a hundred signatories, the web-based campaign is slowly gaining strength and drawing more people through various portals.


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