`Six men forced women into fields’

29, Feb 2016

Feb 29 2016 : The Times of India (Mumbai)
Joel Joseph
MurthalNew Delhi

New Murthal Witnesses Speak Out, Claim Victims Were Stopped On NH-1
Two more eyewitnesses claimed on Sunday they had seen women being attacked on National Highway 1 at Murthal during the Jat quota agitation.
Ramesh Kumar, a 46-year-old truck driver, claimed he had seen six men stop a white Alto with two women inside it at Murthal around 8pm on February 21. “I was coming from Delhi in my truck (HR-69-3609) and had just crossed Sukhdev Dhaba. The mob had already beaten me up twice and snatched my money .I was stopped and beaten up for a third time. I abandoned my truck and started walking when I saw this Alto, driven by a woman, being stopped by six men. Another woman was sitting beside her.They were both dragged out and taken towards the fields by those men, who kept saying, `aao hum tumhe raasta dikhatein hain’.Don’t know what happened to them after that.“

A media report has claimed women were dragged out of cars and raped in Murthal by protesters in the early hours of February 22.

“I also saw the mob stopping an ambulance and beating up a patient inside. It was a horrific sight and I ran for my life,“ Kumar said.


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