CJP moves SEC against BJP MLA’s communal speech during election campaign in UP The MLA made divisive remarks pitting "Jai Shri Ram" against "Walekum Salam"

17, Feb 2022 | CJP Team

Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) has filed a complaint with the State Election Commission (SEC), Uttar Pradesh against BJP MLA Raghvendra Pratap Singh, of Domariyaganj in Siddharthnagar district for violating the Model Code of Conduct by delivering hate speech and making communal remarks at election campaigns.

There are instances where Singh can be seen addressing a crowd of voters during one of his campaigns and saying, “If you make me MLA again, they (Muslims) will stop wearing skullcaps and start applying tilaks.” Singh also claims that after he got elected in the last election, “250 acres of land belonging to Muslims got confiscated, their shops destroyed.” Singh also asks the crowd, “Will there be Jai Shri Ram or Walekum Salam in Domariyaganj? Durga ji is here with us, promise once in front of her.” The crowd also responds saying “Jai Shri Ram!”

CJP is dedicated to finding and bringing to light instances of Hate Speech, so that the bigots propagating these venomous ideas can be unmasked and brought to justice. To learn more about our campaign against hate speech, please become a member. To support our initiatives, please donate now!

The Complaint further states that in another video, which is at a different location, Singh is seen addressing a crowd amidst calls of azaan on the loudspeaker, “Arey H*****khoro suno, kal tumhara mic check karaunga aur agar permission nahi hoga toh tumhare masjid se mic utarwa dunga… Kal inka permission ka kaagaz check hoga”. (Translation: Listen you **** (expletive), I will check if you have permissions, else I’ll have your mic taken down.)

The Model Code of Conduct, among other things, states that “No party or candidate shall include in any activity which may aggravate existing differences or create mutual hatred or cause tension between different castes and communities, religious or linguistic.”

The Complaint further states that such acts not only violate the Model Code of Conduct issued by Election Commission of India but also constitutes to many of the Penal offences and seeks urgent and stringent action against the MLA.

The entire complaint may be read here:






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