CJP Assam stands firm in its fight against citizenship crisis We are providing legal and paralegal aid to those tormented by the system

14, Apr 2021 | CJP Team

CJP has been relentlessly reaching out and helping every Indian Citizen fighting the Citizenship Crisis in Assam.
From freeing those wrongly jailed in Inhumane Detention Camps of Assam to those falsely accused of being a ‘Foreigner’, we are providing paralegal and legal aid to every single person, who is tormented by the system.
CJP will stand firm in its fight against this grave humanitarian crisis in Assam.
Help Us help Assam.
To Donate, Visit: cjp.org.in/donate


Assam: Differently abled person’s family loses everything while fighting the citizenship crisis

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Ailing daughter of freedom fighter forced to appear before foreigners’ tribunal

CJP intervention helps resolve case of mistaken identity in Assam


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