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Assam detention camps : CJP strives to release and rehabilitate innocent citizens CJP helps release Zubeida Khatoon, a helpless woman who spent five years in detention camp

06, May 2020 | CJP Team

48-year-old Zubeida Khatoon from Manipurtup village, who was coming to terms with her husband’s death when the police picked her up and produced her before a Foreigners’ Tribunal (FT). The FT rejected the documents she submitted and sent her to the Jorhat detention camp, where she spent five years, leaving behind her then seven year old son. With no relative to help her with her application and no visitor in the five long years inside the detention camp, Zubeida had lost all hopes to be free again.
When her son Rafiqul got in touch with CJP, our team worked hard to find the then untraceable Zubeida, got in touch with her relatives and worked day and night to ensure that all documents were collected and verified by appropriate authorities.
After her release Zubeida was taken to live with her other sister Rahela Khatoon. Rahela is unemployed and begs for a living. This is why, an uncertain economic future looms over both sisters. CJP is now trying to organize a small piece of land for Zubeida upon which she can build a house to live in. CJP is also trying to help recently released detention camp inmates find a sustainable source of livelihood.
We believe our duty does not end with just helping inmates secure bail.
We will continue helping every Indian who are trapped in the citizenship crisis and spending their days in the detention camp.
Help Us Help Assam.



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