Yati Chetnanand Saraswati abused Muslims calling for a national anti-conversion law: HJS, Goa The speaker, who referred to Muslims as necrophiles, called for a central law that classifies 'Love Jihad' as genocide or organised crime

19, Jun 2023 | CJP Team

In the ongoing ‘Annual Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav’, a 7-day meet organised by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti in Goa, far-right extremist Hindu monk Yati Chetnanand Saraswati of Akhand Hindustan Morcha delivered a speech targeting the Muslim community living in India, alleging them to be indulging in necrophilia and targeting Hindu women.

The hate speaker also called the formulation of central stringent law criminalising ‘Love-Jihad’ and forced religious conversion, treating the said crime to be as big as committing genocide. Her full speech is as follows:

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The speech:

“I want to stand on this stage and salute because today, the movie ‘The Kerala story’ has depicted how our struggle since the last 10-12 years, all our work, was the truth, it was for the protection of our daughters.”

“When we take the name of our Maharani Padmini and talk about johar, then people say that why did Maharani Padmini not fight? So many narratives could be set for us. I want to tell everyone that she could not have fought because she was dealing with necrophile’s then as we are dealing with necrophile’s now, the case of Priyanka Reddy from Hyderabad is one such example.”

“These people are such necrophiliacs that even after the woman dies, these people keep on raping their dead bodies. They even commit gang rapes. Thus, to ensure that these people do not even get our dead bodies, Maharani Padmini had no other choice but to give her body to fire, to ensure that her body burns.”

“We need a central law on the issue of “love-Jihad’, one that is very stringent so that it scares these ‘Jihadis’ to their core, as the states that are not governed by the BJP, the rate of forced conversions is increasing day by day. Our daughters are getting trapped in ‘Love-Jihad’ and getting converted. Even in the states where there is a law governing ‘Love Jihad’, it is not sufficient.”

“The Central should treat ‘Love Jihad’ as a genocide or an organised crime, and should also factor in that these people suffer from necrophilia and rape women even after they have died, and should bring in a strict law so that these heinous people cannot find a way to survive in India.”

“We need to start raising these demands with the centre from today, to ensure that our daughters and sisters are safe. We need to understand that not only are daughters, but all women are their targets. Frequently married women are also getting targeted. There is an urgency to start demanding this as it is only now that a government similar to our mindset is in power.”

The video can be viewed here:

Many such hate speeches targeting the Muslim community are being made at this convention in Goa which has both online and offline participation. The agenda for this scheduled meet, held at Shree Vidyadhiraj Hall, Shri Ramnath Devasthan, Bandora in Ponda, Goa, are many issues like ‘love jihad’, ‘halal’ versus ‘jhatka’ meat, ‘land jihad, ‘Kashi-Mathura mukti, conversions,’ ‘cow-slaughter’, ‘Islamic invasion on forts’ and  ‘persecution of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh’.

Image Courtesy: sanatanprabhat.org


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