VHP to writers: Dare you to eat pork in Saudi

11, Oct 2015

Oct 12 2015 : The Times of India (Mumbai)
HP spokesman Surendra V Jain on Sunday “dared“ writers returning their Akademi awards over the Dadri episode, among other things, to ask for pork in Saudi Arabia. “If they do so and return alive, I will myself welcome them. Otherwise, they should stop being hypocrites,“ he added, saying the VHP and Sangh were only opposed to beef consumption, not non-veg food. He also said a “chatur“ politician like PM Modi should not “repeat Vajpayee’s mistake by not fulfilling the temple promise“, citing the BJP’s 2004 rout.
In a first direct statement by a senior VHP leader after Dadri lynching, Jain said the VHP and Sangh Pariwar are aware that 23rd of Indian population is non-vegetarian and do not intend to change eating habits of people as being claimed. “What we want is a complete ban on eating of beef, as mother cow is the centre of faith for Hindus and it should not be hurt,“ he said and added that Hindus have always respected the religious sentiments of other communities.


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