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UN official says 8.4 million in Yemen “a step away from famine”

13, Dec 2017 | CJP Team

Jamie McGoldrick, the United Nations’ humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, recently issued a statement calling for “sustained and unimpeded humanitarian access” to the country, saying that “the lives of millions of people, including 8.4 million Yemenis who are a step away from famine, hinge on our ability to continue our operations and to provide health, safe water, shelter and nutrition support,” Al Jazeera reported. The Saudi Arabia-led coalition’s blockade of Yemen persists, having been imposed in October. Although it was partially eased in the end of November, McGoldrick said “the continuing blockade of ports is limiting supplies of fuel, food and medicines, dramatically increasing the number of vulnerable who need help”. Several million Yemenis are suffering from hunger and illness, including the “world’s worst cholera outbreak“, according to the UN; it has infected around one million people. 



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