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Sofiya Khatun's case

SC order on transferring Kathua Case outside J&K Read complete SC Order here

On May 7, 2018, the Indian Supreme Court issued an order directing that the Kathua gang-rape and murder case be transferred outside Jammu and Kashmir. The case where an eight year old Muslim Bakarwal girl was kidnapped, drugged, raped and murdered in Kathua in Jammu in January, will now be heard by a District Judge in…

Kathua Rape case

Group of ‘Intellectuals’: Kashmiri members of Crime Branch team “botched up” investigations in Kathua Report is a combination of conspiracy theories fanning communal flames

In yet another attempt to discredit the investigation by the Crime Branch into the Kathua rape case, a ‘fact finding report’ by a group calling itself Group of Intellectuals and Academicians (GIA), claims that there are discrepancies in the charge-sheet and that the Crime Branch “botched-up” the investigations. However, a close inspection of these alleged discrepancies suggests that…

How Kathua’s Horror Story Unfolded In this video CJP attempts to put together all facts of the incident

The brutal gangrape and murder of an eight year old girl in Jammu and brazen attempt to defend the perpetrators shocked everybody in India. The Crime Branch chargesheet says that it was an attempt to drive Muslim Bakarwals out of the area.   Related: Outrage spills outside Kathua and Unnao Implement FRA to empower Bakarwals…

How Hate for Muslims and Rohingyas Sells and Spreads on Social Media Insidious attempts to demonise the minority community using incendiary posts and inflammatory tweets

‘Whataboutery’ and ‘fake news’ have become such a staple of our times that every time a news story involving the minority community is reported, it is accompanied by ‘conspiracy theories’ and attempts to draw ‘false equivalence’. The Kathua rape and murder case was no different. What was disturbing though was how the willful campaign of…

Shame on us Blog by Vidya Bhushan Rawat on Kathua Rape Case and the campaigns in support of the accused

Chilling details have emerged of the abduction, rape and murder of the tribal girl in Jammu by the goons affiliated to right wing Hindu organisations. More chilling is the fact that Jammu remained closed in support of those who were accused of the heinous and gruesome crime. The lawyers and advocates of the courts who…

Kathua Rape case
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