Sikh man thrashed and turban tossed in Uttar Pradesh’s Pilibhit A group of men surrounded him when he refused to participate in the Holi celebration

14, Mar 2023 | CJP team

The incident occurred when the victim allegedly “refused” to participate in the Holi celebrations, which seemed to have triggered the group of men. The disturbing video of the incident was shared on social media, which showed the victim being attacked by a large group of men.

The video may be viewed here:

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The attackers even took off the victim’s turban, which is considered sacred in the Sikh religion. The Sikh turban, known as the “dastaar,” is a symbol of their faith and is considered sacred. The attack on the Sikh man in Pilibhit is a clear violation of the fundamental right to practice one’s religion without fear of persecution.

The incident has sparked outrage among people, with many condemning the attack on social media. In response to the video, the Superintendent of Police Atul Sharma of Pilibhit released a video statement, assuring the public that the police will look into the matter.

The video may be viewed here:

Later the official twitter handle of the Pilibhit police station also put out a tweet that said that the tussle between the two parties was about a disagreement about applying Holi colours and that they have talked with each other and do not wish to pursue any legal action.

The tweet may be read here:

This incident is illustrative of the overall public culture of aggressive majoritarianism being actually promoted across much of north India with impunity; the victim targets being members of India’s religious minority.

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