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To empower citizens with knowledge of the law, in both simplified and detailed formats, helps fights injustice in all forms.

CJP’s vast archive and resource base gives all Indians, regardless of caste, gender, class or community factsheets, ready reckoners and more elaborate judgement primers to understand how our judiciary and legislature, both, are furthering fundamental freedoms and rights.

Cow Protection

Cow Slaughter Prevention Laws in India How the Law not just protects Cow Vigilantes, but Sanctifies Lynchings

In an environment that is fast getting vitiated due to increasing incidents of cow vigilantism and violence in the name of cow protection, it is a good idea to know about Cow Protection Laws in each Indian states. The Law has created both, the legal and institutional backdrop, within which gau rakshaks and lynch mobs can operate with…

justice in the Naroda Patiya Massacre

CJP fights for justice in the Naroda Patiya Massacre Punctures Prevalent Culture of Impunity

For 16 long years, CJP has stood by its credo, to assist the eye-witness survivors of the genocidal carnage in Gujarat in 2002, get justice and reparation. We have battled within the Courts, stood by the Survivors in their quest for justice and achieved milestones. In the process we have also been victimised by an…

SC Extends Power To Grant Anticipatory Bail

SC order on transferring Kathua Case outside J&K Read complete SC Order here

On May 7, 2018, the Indian Supreme Court issued an order directing that the Kathua gang-rape and murder case be transferred outside Jammu and Kashmir. The case where an eight year old Muslim Bakarwal girl was kidnapped, drugged, raped and murdered in Kathua in Jammu in January, will now be heard by a District Judge in…

आदिवासियों और वनवासियों के साथ फिर हुआ धोखा मोदी शासन के वनीकरण नियमों के चलते प्रतिपूरक वनीकरण निधि विधेयक वन-निवास समुदायों के वैधानिक अधिकारों का उल्लंघन करता है

ऑल इंडिया फोरम फ़ॉर फ़ॉरेस्ट मूवमेंट्स (एआईएफएफएम) के प्रवीण मोटे और देवजीत नंदी और कम्युनिटी फारेस्ट राइट्स – लर्निंग एंड एडवोकेसी(सीएफआर-एलए) से तुषार दास, संघमित्रा दुबे और राधिका ने यह पर्यावरण मंत्रालय, वन और जलवायु परिवर्तन, भारत सरकार, के लिए प्रतिपूरक वनीकरण निधि विधेयक, 2018 का ड्राफ्ट पेश किया है. यहाँ पर हमने उस ड्राफ्ट…

Prosecution Law is misused in India

How Withdrawal from Prosecution Law is misused in India Understanding Sec 321 of CrPC

Sometimes the State agencies or the State itself fail to perform their role diligently and honestly without being influenced by any outside extraneous reasons. The attempt of withdrawal of criminal cases, by state government is due to the State using its unfettered powers to ask its agencies to withdraw criminal cases pending against its political…

Adityanath’s tryst with the Law Case Papers and Legal Documents tracking the case involving hate speech and allegations of inciting violence

On February 1, 2018 the Allahabad High Court rejected petitioner and injured victim, Rasheed Khan’s petition pressing his right to be heard during the trial related to serial criminal offences (in 2007) that involved inciteful speeches of Adityanath and others that caused deaths and destruction of minority property. The proceedings expose the tardy prosecution in the case,…

Media Censorship by Courts in India A brief history of the clampdown on media

The November 2017 gag order on the coverage of the controversial Sohrabuddin trial where powerful politicians and policemen had been arraigned as accused has led to a debate on how Indian Courts have dealt with curbs on press freedom. Here we take a look at various instances and circumstances related to court strictures against reportage of…

hate on Facebook

भड़काऊ भाषण रोकने के लिए किस तरह करें एफ़.आई.आर. दर्ज नफरत के खिलाफ़ कदम उठाइए

पिछले कुछ दिनों से यह संकेत आ रहे हैं कि कुछ राज्य अपने संवैधानिक कर्तव्य के प्रति जागृत हुए हैं, वे धार्मिक अल्पसंख्यकों के खिलाफ घातक भगवा एजेंडा के तहत ज़हरीले भाषणों के द्वारा व्यवस्थित रूप से फैलाई जाने वाली नफरत,जो किसी भी हिंसा की शुरुआत होती है, को रोकने का प्रयास करेंगे. इस संबंध में चिन्ताशील नागरिकों…

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