Muslims auditioned and bagged plum roles at one of Agra’s most prestigious Ramlilas

20, Oct 2015

Oct 20 2015 : The Times of India (Mumbai)
Muslims beat Hindus to plum roles at Agra’s oldest Ramlila
Arvind Chauhan
Salman Film An Inspiration, Says Actor
At a time when incidents of communal discord have erupted across the country, a few Muslim men, in an attempt to bridge divides, have auditioned for and bagged plum roles at one of Agra’s most prestigious Ramlilas.
At the Ramlila organized by the railways, the oldest in the city and one of its most popular, Muslim actors will be playing the coveted roles of Prince Bharat, Shantanu, the father of the tragic Shravan Kumar and a courtier at the King Janak’s court.
Nawazuddin, 55, who never had any acting classes but landed the parts of Shantanu and Rishi Atri (mentor of Sabari) said, “On stage I’m simply an artist who wants to live the character which talks about humanity . Initially, my relatives and fellow community members questioned my faith and decision to participate in a Hindu religious drama, but for me my first religion is humanity and as its true follower, my duty is to spread it by all means.“


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