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Muslim population ‘scary’: Vishwa Hindu Parishad

05, Sep 2015

Sep 06, 2015 | PTI| New Delhi
Terming Census figures “scary” and “a matter of deep concern”, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad Sunday alleged that instead of cooperating with efforts of other communities to control the country’s population, Muslims are making it a “campaign” to increase their numbers.
This assertion came days after VHP working president Praveen Togadia sought curbs against the minority community over its “population jihad”.
The Kendriya Margdarshak Kandal (Central Mentors Group) of the Hindutva outfit described the fall in share of Hindus in the total population to below 80 per cent as “a matter of deep concern” and “an indication of an impending danger to the country’s unity and integrity”, a VHP statement said. “It is very clear that all communities in the country are making all efforts to control population but the Muslim community instead of cooperating is taking it up as a campaign to increasing its population which is worrisome… There is an increase of 24 per cent in the numbers of Muslims and only 7.5 per cent in Hindus… All states should form a national population policy,” it said.


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