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Mahishasura & beef claims in cop report

16, Feb 2016

Imran Ahmed Siddiqui
New Delhi, Feb. 16: Delhi police have cited “beef eating” and worship of “Mahishasura” by some far-Left student organisations at JNU to bolster their charge that they were involved in “anti-national” activities in the university.
The claim came in a status report to the Union home ministry in connection with the activities by these groups on February 9, the day of the campus protest that eventually led to Kanhaiya Kumar’s arrest on the charge of sedition.
The Telegraph has a copy of the report, which was sent to the ministry on Monday.
The police also said they had kept surveillance on these organisations since October and had sent a report to the ministry earlier.
Monday’s report said many Left-supported student unions were active in JNU but the Democratic Students Union and the Democratic Students’ Front – both far-Left organisations – had been found indulging in anti-national activities. The report said their activities included worshipping “Mahishasura in place of Goddess Durga”.
“They also asked for beef in (the) hostel mess,” the report added.


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