Madhya Pradesh: Another life lost for belonging to a religious minority, Muslim youth lynched on suspicion of theft Relatives of the deceased alleged that Firoz was attacked by locals, hate crimes against Muslims in the area had been reported last year

10, Apr 2023 | CJP Team

A Muslim youth, Sheikh Firoz was allegedly beaten to death on suspicion of theft in Chhaigoan Devi village, which falls under the jurisdiction of Chhaigoan Makhan police station in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. Firoz, the victim, was discovered unconscious in a drainage channel on Sunday morning and was rushed to the district hospital, where he passed away during treatment. Firoz was from Khanshawali, Khandwa. It is pertinent to be noted that last year, anti-Muslim violence struck Khandwa and its surrounding areas, and recent incidents of hate crimes against Muslims had been reported in the region. 

Anil Singh, DSP Headquarters, confirmed that the victim suffered multiple stab wounds and bruises all over his body, as reported by Maktoob Media.

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According to the police, Firoz had several theft cases filed against him in various police stations, and was also associated with the accused, which is being cited as a possible motive for the attack, as provided by Maktoob Media. The police have begun an investigation into the incident.

Furthermore, according to, Firoz was caught stealing chickpeas and was brutally attacked by eight to ten residents. According to the report, the residents were already on high alert due to an increase in thefts in the area. Residents observed three suspicious individuals enter the village around midnight, two of whom managed to flee and one was apprehended and lynched.

According to one of Firoz’s relatives, the lynching was carried out by Chatter Patel, the former panchayat president of Surgaon Village in Khandwa, and his followers, as provided by Maktoob Media. The relative of the deceased also alleged that when they discovered Firoz was Muslim, they beat him mercilessly until he passed out and then threw him in the drainage channel, as provided by the Observer Post. Firoz’s mother claims that Firoz was lynched by the locals. In order to seek justice for her son, she has refused to perform his final rites until the perpetrators are apprehended as per news reports. A postmortem examination has been ordered for the victim’s body.

A video shows members of the deceased’s family and community staging a protest by placing the corpse in front of the Moghat police station.

The video can be viewed here:

Another incident of hate crime against Muslims was also reported from Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh. In the said incident, two Muslim men, named Adnan and Afzal, were attacked by assailants, who threw chili powder in their eyes and tried to stab them. According to the information provided by the victims in a video, the two men had gone to a petrol pump to get petrol in their vehicle. As they were leaving, a group of 4-5 men attacked them and threw chili powder in their eyes. As they heard the mob scream “Maaro Maaro (hit them)”, the Muslim men somehow started driving their vehicle, albeit having chili powder in their eyes. 

The two men had approached the police afterwards. It is being alleged that the police have arrested 5 minors involved in this attack using the CCTV footage of the area. 

The video can be viewed here:

Almost two months ago, a local Imam named Hafiz Huzefa, who was on his way to the mosque, had been attacked by 3 men in a similar manner. As he was on his way riding a bike, the group had thrown chili powder in his eyes and stabbed him in chest. As per the information provided, while running away, the same men also allegedly stabbed another Muslim youth in the chest.

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