Is state using Delay Tactics to Impede the March for Secularism? Communal Rath Yatra continues unabated

26, Mar 2018 | CJP Team

The Peoples Platform Against Fascism (PPAF) has alleged that the state is using delay tactics in court to prevent the March for Secularism, a peaceful protest against a communal Rath Yatra, from taking place. PPAF had planned a 10 day March for Secularism as a protest against a 41 Rath Yatra, that passes through various election bound states along its route. The Rath Yatra intends to mobilise support for building a Ram Temple in Ayodhya. CJP is extending support to peaceful protests by PPAF and other secular groups on the ground and their pursuit of justice in the courts. We also have an online petition to Stop the communal Rath Yatra.

When the Yatra entered Tamil Nadu, not only was section 144 imposed in Tirunelveli, the permission to conduct a peaceful march was also denied on the grounds that it could lead to a ‘law and order problem’. The matter is now before the court where the state is allegedly ensuring that the hearing is moved from one date to the next. PPAF feels that these are deliberate delay tactics to ensure that the Rath Yatra passes through Tamil Nadu before the case about the march gets a proper hearing. Following is the statement issued by Peoples Platform Against Fascism in the matter:

The March was originally scheduled to begin from Chennai on March 21. Following is the original route and plan for the March for Secularism:



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