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Watch: Inside detention camp for 3 years; CJP intervenes CJP is committed to help genuine Indian citizens facing the citizenship crisis

20, Apr 2020 | CJP Team

Lalit Thakur, a barber by profession, has been jailed in the Goalpara detention camp of Assam, since October 2016. His identity documents were burnt in the ethnic- communal clashes between indigenous Bodos and Bengali speaking people of Assam in 2012. He went on to live in a relief camp with his family after the clashes. Later, when he received a notice from the foreigners’ tribunals of Assam, he had no means to support his legal expenses and was sent to the detention camp.

His wife presently works as daily wage labour, earning very little to support their children. CJP has reached out to Lalit Thakur’s family and we are committed to help them in bringing Lalit out of the detention camp.

Help us Help Assam.


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