Hatebuster: Muslim man killed Muslim wife; she was not Hindu! There are claims on social media stating that her religion was the reason for her killing

08, May 2023 | CJP Team

Claim: A Hindu woman was killed by her Muslim husband in Bihar


It was being claimed on Twitter that a Muslim man murdered his wife because she was Hindu, in Samastipur, Bihar. This news was being spread on social media platforms and was busted by a local news channel in Samastipur called Insaaf24live. The reporter did an interview with the mother of the deceased woman and the mother was demanding that her daughter’s husband should be punished for his crime and was crying because of the death of her daughter.

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The reporter clarified that it was false that the wife was a Hindu. The reporter spoke to the family and the father said the deceased woman’s name was Yasmin Khatoon and they are Muslims.

The reporter pointed towards the tweet spreading misinformation about the interview by him of the accused husband who said to the reporter that he killed his wife and that he would do it again. However, the video was shared and it was being claimed that the woman who died was Hindu, in a bid to create hatred and disharmony based on the man’s religious identity. To clarify this, the same reporter visited the deceased woman’s house to confirm that she belonged to a Muslim family.

The post claiming that the deceased woman was Hindu has been deleted from Twitter.

Meer Faisal, journalist with Maktoob Media, tweeted this news report of Insaaf24Live, to clear the air that the deceased woman was not Hindu.


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