Hate Watch: Kerala Governor blames madrasa education for Udaipur beheading Asks followers of Sharia to leave India

05, Jul 2022 | CJP Team

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan has claimed that Islamic law that advocates beheading as a punishment for blasphemy is taught in madrasas. Khan was speaking to Aaj Tak regarding the beheading of Udaipur tailor Kanhaiya Lal by two Islamic hardliners.

Khan condemned the murder and said that those who follow Shariat should move to countries that follow the law. The Governor said this was in keeping with the Sharia laws as well. The viral video clip has been making the rounds on social media since the beginning of July.

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Further, he claimed that he was not surprised by the gruesome murder because madrasas spread such lessons of hatred. He claimed that Sharia laws are taught in madrasas even though it is not a part of the Quran.

According to The New Indian Express, Khan also claimed that madrasas violated the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 that bars “specialised education” till the age of 14 years. However, specific sections of the Act (amended in 2012) exclude madrasas from the purview of this law. In February 2022, the Supreme Court dismissed a petition questioning the exclusion of madrasas and Vedic schools from the ambit of the Act.

Quoting Pakistani scholar Javed Ahmed Ghamidi, Khan said that madrasas teach children about capital punishment if someone prays in any other way. He claimed that children are taught that non-Muslims are born to be ruled by Muslims and that any non-Islamic government is illegitimate. Ghamidi also said that as long as this education continues, it is not possible to establish peace in the world. By this, Khan was likely referring to an interview of Ghamidi in 2015 in Dallas, Texas, USA. However, most of his comments seemed to be focused on Pakistan.

He went on to say that Islam is totally different from such laws. He stressed that this is not the message from the Scripture, reported the Indian Express.

The Udaipur murder was widely condemned by Muslim and non-Muslim groups alike. Islamic organisations across India condemned the two fanatics for their cowardly behaviour that violated the Quran as well as Indian laws to express one’s opinions freely.

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