Why is serial hate offender Ilyas Sharafuddin invited to TV news debates? Is this just a ploy to get more TRPs?

14, Jun 2022 | CJP Team

Ilyas Sharafuddin is a self-proclaimed scholar who calls himself a ‘Slave of Allah’. He is often invited to debate shows by News Chanel to speak on ‘Hindu-Muslim’ issues, where he almost always proceeds to use words that mock or hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. So, why is it that channels still invite him for comments, that too during live debates where the ability to control what speakers say is limited?

Sharafuddin has become, courtesy these news debates, the poster-boy for anti-Hindu hate speech. His words, often left unchecked till the very last minute bu show hosts, paint him as someone who represents the ideas of all Muslims, thereby making it easy to vilify an entire community, a vast majority of whom bear no ill-will towards their Hindu brethren.

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Here is an example of how the ABP News anchor threatens to kick him out of the show, as he calls the channel’s anchors ‘Dalal’:

Recently, on a Zee News debate show live streamed on May 31, 2022, Ilyas Sharafuddin was caught describing the ‘Shivling’, a symbol of Hindu deity Shiva, in a derogatory manner. As we do not wish to give his words greater reach, we will not publish his exceptionally offensive remarks directed at the body parts of deities. He made similar comments in another Zee News debate show titled Taal Thok Ke.

But is this also about something more than a communal agenda? Is this about those elusive Television Ratings Points (TRPs) that determine ad rates and revenue for channels? This is what Fact-Checker and Co-founder of Alt News, Mohammed Zubair had to say about Ilyas Sharafuddin:



Here are some statistics highlighted by Mohammed Zubair whenever Sharafuddin has been invited to the debate shows by various news channels:



Ilyas Sharafuddin has been part of many such debate shows where he has made many other controversial statements. In a News18 India debate show aired in 2021, Sharafuddin supported the death threats against Wasim Rizvi for making remarks against Islam. On the show he stated, “For maintaining peace in our country, Modiji must behead Rizvi himself to establish religion.” Curiously, equating Wasim Rizvi with the villains of Hindu mythology he went on to say, “When Kansa is sent to hell then our country will be safe,  when Ravan is sent to hell then our country will be safe, when Ravan’s disciples are sent to hell then our country will be safe. Whoever insults Allah should be beheaded; whoever insults Shri Rama-Krishna should be beheaded.”

On June 11, a Muslim citizen from Thane sought to file an FIR under section 154 CrPC against Sharafuddin for trying to disturb communal harmony on the debate shows. A complaint was filed before the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai by one Mr. Nuruddin Latif Naik who is involved in many social initiatives in Mumbra, Thane. According to this complaint Sharafuddin’s blatant attempt to disturb peace and insult the sentiments of hundreds of thousands of countrywomen and men who live in harmony along with Muslims need to be addressed in accordance with the law.

Reportedly, BJP National Spokesperson Shehzad Poonwalla has also demanded that a ‘Fatwa’ be issued against the Muslim cleric.


*Feature Image courtesy ABP News.


Complaint filed against Ilyas Sharafuddin for using inflammatory words against Hindu Gods


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